Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"He's my special boy!"‏

That title is for you dad, and I believe you and the family may be the only people who ever get that. I've been calling Elder Evans that for about a week now. He's such a good missionary (ten times the one I was). Way more excited and diligent. Puts me to shame, but hey I've been out 16 months, I know what I'm doing. Just makes you think though what you could have been when you first came out though. But nonetheless it doesn't matter when you find the path and what counts is that you get on it before it is all said and done.

Training does come with some interesting perks. One of those is you are really really tired all the time and your greenie is just so pumped to be there. Their enthusiasm and faith are simply contagious. We talk to someone who says we can come back and he thinks they're going to get baptized. The unfortunate thing is a mission kind of hardens you and your expectations aren't as high when they should be. It's quite refreshing for me actually though I'm exhausted.

This week has been good. I've been trying to teach Elder Evans how to street contact. Which means I do a lot of them as he gets used to it. So different. This week we set a baptism date with a person named Debbie she is way awesome! I'm excited for her though she wasn't able to make it to church. We also had a baptism for a little girl named Ambria who's family is getting active again. Taylor Shirrod who is preparing for a mission got to baptize her. That was great for him he is going to be an amazing missionary.

Well it's certainly been an eventful week. We're going to the mall today which could be really entertaining. I can't even think of other things that are going on. We had mission President's fireside Sunday night and 2 of our recent converts spoke. It was a way good experience. We had a a few new investigators and I'm going to begin to teach some of the auxiliary leaders in the wards we cover how to be more effective missionaries. It may not be an immediate help for me but it could help the future missionaries in the area. Well I better go. Love you bye.

Love, Elder Caywood

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