Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Umm, I'm really at a loss of things to say, it's August which means it's really really unpleasant to be in Arizona. (I wish I could be a missionary forever but I will NOT miss the summer!) Monsoon season has actually kicked up this year. Which means that it is really really muggy outside. The humidity is incredibly high for Arizona. With the temperatures in the 100's it makes life even harder. especially for elder Evans who is new and hasn't done this before. He looks like death around 4 o' clock.

But besides my rant(I feel as if I have managed to complain about the heat every email for a while now). Things are going very well. We went to the temple this morning. We were late for the session we were going to so we and did something else in the temple. There were a lot of missionaries there(especially since some are leaving early for school they wanted to come to the temple one last time before the end). It was a lot of fun and I saw a couple familiar faces.

The week has been pretty good. We still managed to get 246 street contacts despite the heat. we have one person scheduled for baptism at the end of this month but she has really bad health so she may not make it. Her liver is having trouble and it's causing her legs to swell and giving her a pretty bad rash. We'll see if she is able to pull through it. We gave her a blessing of health on Saturday and I pray that she'll be ok. We tried to set 3 more baptism dates but 2 of the people said they had to think about it and the other person is on parole so they will have to wait for a time.

We did however find 8 new investigators last week and one yesterday. There are some great things on the horizon here. We just need to get them moving even more. I'm teaching the wards how to do what we call the "5 name list" It's one of the best ways the ward can do missionary work. Maybe I won't get to see the end result but I know it'll make this area really really good. I feel that things are going to be really really good here in about a month as I know we are going to see some miracles in the area.

Well I can't think of much else to say and if I'm forgetting something I apologize. Well I bid thee farewell.

Love, elder CAYWOOD

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