Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the verge of explosion‏

I'm having a very big problem right now. I know I'm an Elder and I know I'm not supposed to and I have become very very good at ignoring this problem but... The guy next to me is on ESPN.com and my goodness I cannot stop peeking over at his screen! Hahaha. Oh well, live and learn I guess, nothing says discipline like focusing on emails and not watching the computer screen next to me. That's what I get at almost 17 months out.

This week has been crazy. I don't even know where to begin. I'll start out by saying we have a car now. It's a little hard in our little area but it was either that or get an early transfer. Unfortunately those were the main choices. The dermatologist was worried when I went to the doctor last week that I possibly had staph infection again(persistent little bugger) so the mission president gave me a car. So now we're in a car. It's way weird. The final test came in yesterday and they said I do not have staph infection, it's just a lot of normal bacteria, and I'm on antibiotics for all of that.

The sad part of the story is that I may have punched my ticket out of this area a little sooner than I would have liked to. If I'm not all the way better by September 7th, I'll more than likely get the boot to a car area. Well we'll see what happens.

We applied a training we got from the Assistants to the President. We are now trying to set a baptism date in the 1st lesson. It worked! It was so cool, the Spirit was so strong. I loved it we're meeting with them again this week. We're going to try our best to set quite a few more this week, With a little help from above, I strongly feel we can pull it off!

One of the most exciting things this week has been teaching a man named Jerry and his wife Sylvie. They are from Africa and their native language is french. It's so much fun. They're awesome and going to get baptized for sure. He came to church on Sunday and loved it! He would of stayed longer but was worried about his wife who we discovered is pregnant with their first child! So excellent! Elder Evans who speaks a little bit of french clicks well with them.

Some sad news though. I realize I'm getting old in the mission! Some of my favorite missionaries are going home from their missions. I just said goodbye to Elder Hoopes this morning, he has to leave early to go to BYU. I asked him if he felt robbed because he had to leave early. He said he did. I know one thing. I'm staying until the bitter end one the clock strikes some predesignated time when I am to finish my mission! Nothing more, nothing less! 2 years is 2 years!

Well I'm pretty much done with all things I got to say. Except BRONCOS ROCK!!!

Love, Elder Caywood :D

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