Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Child is Born‏

Hola familia. I feel so lame, I'm like the only person who doesn't speak spanish it seems (well maybe I'm over exaggerating) but anyways I wish I spoke Spanish. Well this week has been one crazy week. It's transfer week but as I'm emailing Wednesday, that means something changed and boy has it.

We had a pretty good week last week. We started out fast finding 7 new investigators in a mere 3 days and then we ended with 3 more on Sunday. That was rather exciting. We are teaching in a women's half way house. We talked to a lady on the street and she said that she wanted to come to church and take the lessons and there were a few other people who wanted to take the lessons as well. We went over and knocked on the door. There were 6 women (most of whom already had Book of Mormons) that wanted to be taught. We set a lesson to return on Sunday and though only 3 were home. I still have high hopes for them.

Now the big news. Saturday night we were just minding our own business when a call came. I looked at the number and to my suprise it was from the mission office. I gulped and answered. President Ellsworth was on the other line and after a little bit of small talk he said "well Elder Caywood the reason I'm calling is because the Lord has called you be a trainer which is one of the most important callings and serious callings an Elder can get." So pressure officially on but I haven't been worried at all. We said goodbye to everyone and had a tear jerking goodbye to the Babbs who Elder Henderson played a huge role in their conversion. He got sent to Taylor in the area opposite of my last one in Snowflake.

Yesterday was long. Over 20 missionaries came into the mission so transfer meeting took most of the day. It was certainly a cool experience. When the time came President called me up to have me show my area to everyone. Then he told me I was getting Elder Evans. I knew it. I talked to him before and taught him a little bit during a few practice and training sessions and I could feel it I'm getting this Elder to train. We got back to the area around 4:45 and got out to work at 5. Woo... No P-day or rest this week.

We've had a good time. He's from West Jordan Utah (the heart of the Salt Lake Valley and the home to 3 temples, so essentially Mormon central). He knows a lot more about the church than I do but I'm excited to train him. I haven't gotten to see him in action yet but we'll see today. Should be fun we're hoping to set a baptism date tonight. But besides that life is all well. No complaints. This going to be so much fun.

Love, Elder Caywood

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