Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Presbyterian Minister‏

Word to the herd! I don't know what that means but I say it to the Elders and Sisters serving out on the Salt River Reservation. This has been one of the weirder weeks of my mission. I'll explain why in the following paragraphs but first I want to say Arizona humid is really not fun. Yay.

Well this week started out not well. Elder Henderson was having stomach cramps. He said he could not go out and work. So we arranged things for him to stay with a member while I went to work with a ward missionary. I told Elder Henderson not to eat those 20 tootsie rolls on Sunday night right before he went to bed so in the end I knew what would happen in the morning. It took about 2 days for that to pass. We found out the stomach flu is going around and I just knew I was going to get it. And I did! Yay! It was sad. It was a complete 24 hour bug. I took some medicine to get me through the night so I could sleep. Then in the morning I took some medicine so that I would be stable enough to do missionary work. Essentially I was delirious but I wasn't nauseous. So consequently our lessons went down this week. But we're hoping for a rebound.

We finally started to feel back to normal on Friday and we still managed 200 street contacts this week. I don't know how but we pulled it off. We had Katie Macias' baptism on Saturday. She is so smart! I love her so much! Her baptism was so awesome! So good! It goes to show you what diligence will do. I counted up the number of people we've talked to since I came here. It's well over 2200. Katie we talked to at a bus stop. As I said before it made since to her. She loves the church. She actually finished the Book of Mormon before being baptized!(just 2 months) She can quote scriptures from it. I got to baptize her which was a privilege. I think it was just what that ward needed. We hope to teach her family soon.

This weekends a very unique one. About 24 years ago a minister for the 1st Presbyterian church here in mesa was baptized into the LDS church. He spoke on his conversion and how we should interact with people who are outside of our faith. It was probably the most eye opening things I'd ever heard. he's brilliant. He has a Masters from Princeton and a PhD from Duke in World Religion. He teaches world religion at BYU after losing his job as a minister when he joined the church. It was phenomenal. Certainly one of the most unique experiences of my life. He helped me a lot with how I approach people and how to answer hard questions when they are asked. His name is Roger Keller. His story is interesting I would recommend looking it up.

Well that's all I got. I hope all is well in the mountainous plains of Colorado!

Love, Elder Caywood

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