Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farewell to a friend‏

This week has been pretty good. To be honest I have been so tired. Like if I stop anywhere my body goes on complete shut down, which is why I never stop. YEEE HAW! But nevertheless we push on. We still managed to squeeze out 200 street contacts last week. That was crazy there were some... interesting people out there this week. We lost a couple investigators, a couple got evicted we're still trying our hardest to find but the summer and the heat causes people to be a little grumpy under the southwest sun. Its all cool.

This week was really awesome, we had a great baptism on Saturday. It was for Scott, it was way spiritual. The talks were great, the people were great, and Scott was great. You can see in the pictures that he is just beaming! This has made such an impact in his life and it will continue to do so. It was really special for me to see his brother baptize him. I will remember this moment forever because to me it seemed as if time was standing still. Scott came up and his Brother Bill gave him a hug. Not just a normal hug, it was a huge hug, a man hug, a hug between to brothers. They were so happy and you could just see it, it was priceless. I got to sing at the baptism and was accompanied by the famous pianist Clyde Bawden. It was way fun, he's incredible with the keys!

The one hard thing this week was saying goodbye to President Bassett. We went to an early morning meeting, first Sister Bassett spoke to us and then President. It was so cool. I learned a lot, in that hour I was there. It was incredible. Then we went to the temple with him. Our President and 100 missionaries or so. It was powerful. When we were finished I remember seeing all the missionaries in the temple, it certainly was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Then we had lunch. He explained how the change to the new President would work. We sang "God be with you til we meet again", I about cried, it was incredible. Then we got to take pictures with them and say a few words to them. A couple funny things happened. First we were "allowed" to hug Sister Bassett goodbye. I found it humorous but maybe it's because she's the first girl I've hugged in 15 months or so. Then when I was getting some food, President Bassett asked me "quick Elder Caywood, what's Elvis Presley's middle name", I wasn't sure why he asked but I had no clue. I said "I don't know" then he said "Aw, of all my Elders I thought you would know that", then Sister Bassett said "Don't be mad at him, he's just focused", it was so funny.

It was nice to see a lot of the Elders I've known throughout my mission, especially since a lot of them are finishing up real soon. Tomorrow we'll meet President Ellsworth for the first time. I'm excited I know he's going to bring a bunch of new ideas and a strong Spirit to our mission. Is going to be so much fun! I'm excited to work with him! Well talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Caywood

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