Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Heat of the Southwest Sun - Part 2‏

I'm terribly slow at this whole fast email thing that has been going on, I just wish they didn't place such a strict time limit but I guess all those crazy AP Literature essays I had to write in like 30 minutes or whatever are finally panning out. I can write well you just have to give me a few hours and like a root beer or something I don't know(I don't drink much root beer now actually so maybe not) but besides this random spiel I'm doing remarkably well.

You may have noticed the title of my email is similar to one of last summer. If you're not as observant as I am I wrote an email with same title last summer. I can tell you why though I feel the reason is terribly obvious. This place is so hot. Its so hot. Argh and it's just going to get worse. Hahaha. Man some days when we don't have any appointments we'll just bake. No one will let us in and it'll be like 7 hours of straight sun light. Its like being turned into bacon. But man its so worth it! We're still talking to oodles of people we topped 230 again last week. Which was way sweet. Unfortunately the heat will make people grumpy and they aren't out as much during the day but that's ok. We still get em.

We have 3 baptism dates as I have said but also this week we had a bit of a miracle. We had 3 people at church and we had a few inactive people at church as well. That hasn't happened in this area in a long time. One of the wards hadn't had an investigator attend one of their meetings in almost 6 months. That was exciting. I'm just hoping it continues. We should be setting a 4th date this week. It'll be way cool! Things are continuing to get better. We're working hard.

Its really weird that its June. I remember this time last year. I was way different then than I am now. Its also strange to think so many missionaries I knew are closing in on being home a year. Its strange to me how fast the time goes by on a mission but it does. Its cool though that when you focus on what's happening in the present how much God provides for you. Its going to continue to be an awesome experience. I'm certainly going to make the best of the time I have left.

To be honest I don't have terrible amount more to say here. The valley is lamenting the Suns losing to the Lakers, which also means I won't get to meet Kevin Garnett (long story but we baptized his sister in law). *sigh*. Oh well. I hope that everyone is having an awesome week. Laterz.

Love, Elder Caywood

P.S. We're taking P-day on Wednesday next week.

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