Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Corn Roast...‏

It was a super hot week, like a super hot week. But I know something about that, it's going to be this hot until about October. Yesterday was the first day of summer which meant a long day in the Southwest. The past few weeks have been uncommonly nice because it cools down in the evening. Yesterday was the first of many evenings that will not be that case. It was the same temperature recording around 110 at 6pm. *sigh* the only difference from the rest of the day was that the sun isn't beating down your face.

But besides the usual annoying sun we're doing simply splendid! I think I just used an uncommonly used word. But this week was so good. We have still had our unprecedented streak of over 200 street contacts for 7 weeks straight so far. Supposedly the heat slows missionaries down and it has hit us but I've learned that it's not about me or my needs that if I just go and do what I'm supposed to things work out.

This weekend we had Cecilia's baptism, I got to baptize her, it was such a great service, she's an amazing age. She's around Grandma Anderson's age. Had a lot of people out for it. They asked me to sing at it as well. That was fun. We also had Scott's interview and he's set to be baptized next week. I've been asked to sing at that one as well, and I could possibly be accompanied by the famous pianist Clyde Bawden. That's kind of scary but still good. Scott is awesome, I think we've only been teaching him for about 3 weeks or so but he has progressed so much. It's truly incredible. It's what he wanted and he lived a good life, and didn't think there was a group of people who believed and held his standards outside of his family. He said when he goes to church, the people are just so good and genuine, living what they teach that it just blows him away. And his brother who got baptized the first week I was here will be baptizing him.

We also had the famous Corn Roast on Saturday. They had over 300 ears of corn roasting on an open flame. Its a very famous event in the area and attracts quite the crowd. It was a blast but I did make one fatal mistake. The kids who were in attendance were all playing water games. At one point they had large sponges and would fill them up with water ring them out on each other or just throw them. I saw an opening and went for a kid who had two sponges and ran. It was total warfare for the next hour. I was enemy number one for children ages 2 to 9. I got soaked in my pants, shirt, and tie. I was thoroughly defeated but it was a memorable occasion. And as the Terminator said "I'll be back"

We also spoke in church. The Yazzies were down from Taylor and came to the Sacrament Meeting I spoke at and also they took Elder Robertson, me, and our companions to Chili's yesterday. One, I love Chili's and two I love the Yazzies, and three I love Elder Robertson. So definitely it was a good way to spend a lunch hour. Well that's all I got for this week. I hope you can survive the extreme "heat" of Colorado bahahahhaha.

Love, Elder Caywood

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