Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All you need is Love ba ba da da dah!‏

I have briefly mentioned this before but I knew going into my mission that the hardest thing to give up would be Sports and Music. Well sports has gotten a lot easier because I discovered as you have no idea what's going on and as the teams change it's harder to relate. True statement. But Music is unchanging the music I like hasn't changed. The bands might go in and out of activity but the music they made stays alive. Which as a missionary can be hard but luckily most people I talk to only like really really really inappropriate rap, so it's not too bad. But the reason I even mention this in my email is because I've had that Beatles song stuck in my head for about 20 minutes now, and I can't remember any of the words except for those which is a little repetitive.

Well yesterday was weird. For our zone development meeting where we generally have our interviews with President Bassett, we went up to Scottsdale which isn't normal because he generally comes to us. The reason was movers are coming to their house to start moving stuff back because they finish their service in about 2 weeks. That is so weird. It hit home but I have confidence that the new President will be just as effective as the old one. Its not the person its the calling that makes the person, he'll live it up to it I have no doubt. But my interview was short President said I'm working hard and it shows because our area is getting really good. I had him sign my flag and it says "Keep the Faith" -President Bassett- I always will.

As for the area we are doing great are numbers are still going up I guess.We have led the zone in street contacts for the past 5 weeks and we are now teaching 25 lessons a week. Its insane based on how slow it was. Its incredible how much can change when you put everything else aside and despite being exhausted and hot and discouraged to never lose hope to go and work your heart unwearingly. We have seen the miracles because of it. As a past prophet said "The secret of Missionary work is work". That's true. One lady we are teaching is named Katie. Currently she is set for the 3rd of July to be baptized. We talked to her at a bus stop and she begrudgingly let us come back. We taught her and she said I always thought that was the way it happened. In the month we've known her she has read 117 pages of the Book of Mormon. So good! We were scared to teach her about the Word of Wisdom because we knew she smoked. But when we taught her the Spirit was strong. That was a week ago, she hasn't smoked since we taught her. So much is happening here.

We are hoping to set another baptism date tonight and possibly two more by the end of the week. We're getting a lot of trust from our fellow missionaries, members, and even the community, they know we mean business. It can be hard(especially in 110 degrees but worth it). I decided I never want to eat out at Tempe again. We went to In & Out for lunch and there were way too many good looking girls... I finished my food and left quickly, you needed blinders. BLINDERS!!!! Like for a horse! AGH FLEE RUN FROM THE RESTAURANT OF TEMPTATION AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Maybe I'm being over dramatic but it was still uncomfortable.

Well that's it for my random thoughts. Til we write electronically again next week.

<3 Elder Caywood ;D lol

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