Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The start of something new‏

So you may notice that this, this may be short. Well you may also notice that this, this is a day and a half past when I said it would be. Well some junk happened. Let me tell you what.

So Christmas I got all sorts of stuff. We went all sorts of places and we did all sorts of things. Busiest Christmas of my life. Next year I'm definitely taking like a 3 hour nap. So we set another baptism date which is 3 for this month ready to go. That's cool beans. Here's why things got crazy. Saturday night we get a call at about 8 from the mission office. It's President Bassett, he talked to Elder Moa and was called to be a Zone leader in the Superstition zone in Apache Junction. People were glum as they discovered their favorite tongan missionary was leaving Snowflake. Elder Hadley thgouth since Elder Moa was leaving, that I must be leaving too. The zone leaders called at 9:30 and said Elder Hadley is going to Apache Junction to be with Elder Edmonds. I was going to get Elder Robertson (who you may remember from super early in my mission) he had been out 14 months.

We had a jammed packed Monday full of lessons and woeful goodbyes....until about 11. That's when the phone rang from President Bassett. He called to tell me that he put me with Elder Robertson because he had caught fire and was doing awesome and I was doing good and our area was doing great. He figured putting them all together would just do us all a lot of good. He then spoke to Elder Hadley a little bit and then told Elder Moa to have us leave tonight because Snowflake was going to get walloped by the storm of the week. We left abruptly, cancelling several appointments so they could pack.

We called up Scottsdale and asked if we could stay at their place. They agreed and we headed down. I have to say being in the valley was incredibly weird. I saw cactus's and palm trees again. It was warm. WARM!!!! And then I got a blast from the past staying in Scottsdale in the same zone I started out in. We went and we traded off elders this morning. I made the 3 hour drive back up here. Now I need to ask for extra miles. I really wasn't expecting this to happen. Woah. Now is the time to test to test my Snowflake knowledge.

Thanks for all the gifts and good wishes. I really enjoyed the letters and the gifts. Thanks! Now it's time for the new year. On New Year's Eve all the mission signs at the temple for the last night of Christmas lights. That is except for everyone in Snowflake. We will go unnoticed yet again. Oh well. Well here is to the start of a new year and a new experience. I think Elder Robertson and I will do great things here. I'll talk to y'all later. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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