Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The best and saddest Sunday ever‏

Ugh, I'm tired right now. We had some good street contacts yesterday. I made one guy sweat. I'm really good at using analogies and asking questions. So I made this guy realize that God loves us and wouldn't leave us in the dark without revelation from him. He looked so stumped and quickly ended the conversation. Bahaha. Love it.

Well I honestly have been putting this off for the past few minutes because I kind of want to stare off into the nothingness of the wall because I am quite tired. This weekend was flipping fantastic though. Let me begin.

On Saturday we had a baptism at 8 in the morning for Jaimie and Jessica Overstreet. They are so amazing. The Overstreets are from Denver and are huge Denver Bronco fans. We can go off on football forever... and ever... and ever... My pro-football addicition has actually sevred me quite well while I have been up here. Made some allies because of my vast unimportant in the long run knowledge. Who would of known. Jaimie and Jessica's mom want me to teach them how to play the piano. They also asked me to play at their baptism because they heard me playing for a baptism earlier in November when the pianist didn't show. I had to make sure that I explained that I'm not good at that instrument I have tried and failed often. So they made me bring the uke to the baptism and I played that. It was an awesome time for them I was excited. Then right after that the zone leaders had a baptism and they had asked me to sing in it. So I did an Acapella(spelling?) version of "Come Follow Me". Then Sunday happened......

The Sundays before Christmas are simply delightful. The Christmas programs wards put on are usually pretty sweet. Then we get sing Christmas songs for hymns. AND I LOVE IT. Saturday night my voice got raspy. Sunday my voice was gone. At 9 I had to confirm Jaimie and Jessica members of the church and give them the holy ghost. Then after that I had to give a talk about bringing Christ into Christmas. I tried to sing the hymns to the best of my ability. But nothing. I couldn't sing the melody or the harmony without my voice cracking. So I sang the bass line as a glum little missionary(I hate the bass line). My talk had a good theme but it sounded like I was struggling to go through puberty or something. That'll be fun to be remembered by. But overall this weekend was simply awesome.

Your package did arrive today. Your fudge is as Elder would say and I quote "The greatest fudge ever". I'm taking the tin to district meeting tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Saturday we're having another baptism. This one is going to rock. She was suposed to have her baptismal interview last Saturday but backed out. We went to her house and taught her for 2 hours. It was one of the greatest lessons I've ever taught. She asked a lot of questions about her friends possibly abandoning her all that jazz after she was baptized. Thats when I had to use my own conversion to the extreme. I told her about after Kalab went on his mission and after I had gone to college it felt like I had been abandoned a little bit. Things weren't the same when I came home from college and that it was disheartening. I carefully explained to her how the Holy Ghost is a comforter and that though your friends and circumstances may change, God is always there. She was close but still wasn't there. And then Elder Moa explained that he had been praying for her to find out that this was true(she had been investigating for over a year), he began to cry when he said in the temple he prayed that she would find out that true happiness was through baptism. I was crying at this point to. I said if you do this, those fears and that sadness you feel will leave you immediately. She got straight face and asked me if I meant that. I said I know that and I asked her to pray to know if my promise to her was true. We got on our knees and prayed. We ended and sat silently, Elder Hadley then asked "how do you feel?" She responded indestructible. Elder Hadley said that's the Spirit in you right now. We then asked what should you do. She said I need to be baptized next week. She had her interview Sunday morning and is set to go. I'm so excited for that one.

Well I've probably bored you long enough. Christmas Eve we're going caroling to our investigators. Christmas we're having breakfast and I'll be calling at 3pm on Christmas. I'm pretty sure currently we're in the same time zone since Arizona does not recognize daylight savings. Be near the phone. I'm excited to talk to you and SPENCER VAN WAGENEN. His name deserves all capitals since I haven't seen him since he was a wee teenager(19). Well Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood/ Malcolm F. Caywood(Thats apparently what I'm going to name my kid when I'm older according to Elder Pebley).

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