Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Temple Excursion‏

I do apologize because I must be brief. The snow storm we had last night really put a hold on things today and we have to be somewhere at 2. And its currently 1:40. Which means my normal hour of emailing has been shortened to just 20 minutes yikes. Oh well.

Well the main thing I want to talk about is the temple excursion we had on Friday. Let me explain, over the course of 3 days every missionary in the mission goes to the temple with President and Sister Bassett. Our group went on Friday being the only group to go to the Snowflake temple. We had a brief conference where President Bassett and Sister Bassett both spoke briefy. They spoke powerfully of the meaning of Christmas and how they desired to instill in us the desire to do the Lord's work(President Bassett has centered a lot of things around desire for the past 2 transfers so I think it must be important). We then went to the temple. The Snowflake temple is quite amazing. The windows seem like they're made of ice. Though it is a quaint little thing its still breath taking. I thought that was just the boost I needed for the week! Woot.

We've been working rather hard. The weather has made it harder to find people on the streets to talk to. No one will brave the cold weather so are finding numbers have dropped. We have two people scheduled for baptism on the 19th and one on the 9th of January. Thats going to be fun. The family that is being baptized on the 19th are huge Bronco fans. Yesterday we talked about how much we despised the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers(I hate those stupid teams). It was simply brilliant. I enjoyed it.

I'm still trying to get over this wretched cold. I've been coughing and stuffed up for essentially two weeks now. It really stinks. I'm not sure if asthma or a cold. Slows be down a bit but hey what I can I do? I'm still alive and I'm not running a fever or anything.

I have a story about the founding of Snowflake. The Mormon pioneers were on their way to Mesa and had to stop for the night. The wind was cold and they were tired. They said that if the wind stopped blowing they would leave to Mesa as soon as possible. Over 100 years later the wind still hasn't stopped blowing. Bhahaha, I thought it was funny. Maybe its just because I'm lame. Oh well.

That's about all I got and have time for. Peace Out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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