Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I'm doing things a little differently this week to ensure that I say everything that I need to say. Generally during my email time I write back to everyone I can and then write this monster. But today I have some things I need to do this afternoon so I'm doing this first and fast!

What to note what to note. Oh yeah duh Thanksgiving. We had too much food and I felt like poop the rest of the weekend. But that's ok. I'm actually getting better at basketball. I can now make 3 shots in 30 minutes. Yeah thats intense Like like .1 shots made per minute. On Thanksgiving I had a back cramp so I couldn't throw during football but for some reason I had glue hands and I actually out ran somebody. I never outrun anybody.

Because we are in a trio we are often seperated to go teach with other missionaries. It's been a good experience as I have been able to grow closer to the missionaries around me and rely on the spirit to tell me what to teach since several people I teach I've never met and will probably not see again.

This week I was priveledged to speak in one of our wards. I talked about the chaos that ensued around me and in my mind as I started my mission. Then I talked about having the oppurtunity to baptize and how important that is and that theres nothing like it on earth. I challenged the youth to prepare to go on missions to answer the call of the rising generation and to invite all to Christ regardless of what they've done. I felt it was one of the most powerful moments for me. I've never spoke like that in my life. The Bishop even came up to me and said excellent job. He even came back after that and said that you did such ana amazing job. It was rocking.

Yesterday was weird. We taught two bizarre lessons. The first one the lady kept felling asleep so we just kind of said we'd come back and left. The lesson we taught that afternoon, and right before we started teaching these two dogs in the house got into a fight and one was tore up pretty good. So we deviated from our original plans and taught something else. So weird.

Its really cold up here. I'm freezing. We were chopping wood yesterday and I had my huge coat on and my scarf wrapped around my head. I looked so stupid. Oh well its cool. Having 6 wards is really overwhelming. I'm still trying to get it but I feel I will, so I'm not that worried.

I'll head out laterz.

LOVE, ELDER k-wood

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