Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Man it was a tough first week of the transfer. I was pretty tired during most of it. We were told on Tuesday that we should move into our new place ASAP. That made things a little bit harder than usual. If you ever tried to clean out and move a missionary apartment that has been a missionary apartment for a number of years the things you find are quite shocking. There was so much junk in that place and a lot of it got tossed.

So my New Year's Eve was probably the lamest one I've ever had. We spent the entire night packing up the place. And then we had some sparkling cider and I went to bed around 11 I think. Then spent all of New Years moving and organizing and what not. We did that until about 5 when we had to go out again. Which made me uber exhausted.

We didn't teach as much this week. We still doing pretty good but I'm hoping that this week is better. Last week was crazy and I'm looking forward. We didn't have like anybody at church on Sunday. The church times changing because of the New Year confused several of our investigators. So we went from 10 at church last week to about 2 this week. We set another baptism date but we also lost one and we lost that investigator all together. She was doing way awesome and then something happened at home and she ended up in Pinetop. Sunday when I found out the family said they couldn't get ahold of her. I called her after church and she said that she wasn't sure of what her decisions were going to be but that everything was on hold for now. Sad day. Our baptism for the 9th got pushed back to the 16th. She smoked and you have to be clean for 2 weeks before baptism. She's really really close and she didn't seem worried either. She said "Elder Caywood I messed up but I can do it don't worry." So I'm taking heed to her words.

The new apartment is spacier but because of the way the building is built the ceiling is low in parts. I whacked my head really hard on the ceiling when we were first moving in and it about knocked me over. For the first time since I've been on my mission I am sleeping on a bed where my feet only barely hang off the bed instead of completely. Oh haaaaappy day.

Sunday is the Mission President's fireside. I asked our recent convert who grew up in Colorado to speak and she is super excited. Then I'm going to sing a song. Need to figure out which one though. Should be fun.

It seems like every transfer when a major change happens I grow a little bit more. I know this past week has been a growing week. Missionary work definitely can give you some gray hairs. Luckily if i haven't any its hard to see because I'm a blond(plus they're usually just staring that patch of hair thats missing anyways). Well alas I must take care of other things. Happy decade.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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