Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food Poisoning‏

Sooooo, in every mission there is that one Elder that bad stuff always happened to. For a long time in the Arizona Mesa mission that was Elder Keir. It seemed like that guy was always sick. And when I saw him a few weeks ago he had been diagnosed hypoglycemic which is like reverse diabetes. Elder Keir went home in August and as the Lord always does he prepares someone toooooo "fill in" that position left by his departure. Que a spunky young(way young) convert to the church who arrives in the mission in mid-April. It has been decided that I'm that Elder that tons of stuff happens to. Let me explain further.

We've laughed, we've cried, and have cringed as they have read about the high fever that comes with an upper respiratory infection, a hideous rash that covered me from head to foot which resembled leprosy, a staph infection that caused me to losed a patch of hair on my head, and ultimately a dramatic battle like the last boss in the end of a video game with the swine flu. Many of these examples have already proven my point but as the title states I have once again supported my own resume. Last week Elder Robertson and I had mexican chili and we were throwing up all night. Goody.

Man I think after the mission is done I will probably be able to endure almost anything. It makes me shiver though when I think what could be around the corner. Whatever can't kill me will make me stronger. And whatever does... Well I commend it. I may be weak and scrawny but its hard to finish me off!

This week went well. We had a pretty good amount of lessons. We set another baptismal date with a girl named Fabiola. She is to be baptized on the 27th of February. She's is so excited. We're just waiting for her mom to come back from Mexico to see it which is why it pushed out so far. We have 2 more set and 2 more on the way. So by the end of next week I'm hoping to have 5 dates for baptism. That should be very very exciting. Got to love it!

Despite being sick all weekend we still managed to be effective. We taught quite a bit. Some of the wards are really getting excited about missionary work. I'm pumped this place is on the verge of being something great. I truly hope it is. I've been working really hard. I thinking we're starting to see the blessings of that. I went on a brief exchange with one of the assistants this morning. He said that our area and the zone leader's area is awesome. If we work hard enough we may be able to bring another companionship up here. But we gotta work our butts off for that to even be a possibilty.

I heard football has sucked, so I'm glad I'm not missing anything cool. It doesn't seem that long ago but about a year ago I got my call. That was a pretty miserable existence during those times. Two jobs and no one to hang out with LAME. Oh well it really worked out in the end. We're half way through the transfer now which is hard to believe. Everyday just goes faster and faster.

We are seeing miracles in this mission and I'm definitely seeing them as well. We just have to look for them and we can see the Lord work in our lives and the lives of those around us. Well I better go. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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