Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Email‏

You may notice a change. My spunky email that I've used since I was like 14, the name that I always held dear was changed by the change of the myldsmail site. The LDS church made an agreement with gmail to use their super advance internet mumbo jumbo technology. So now you can reach me at brandon.caywood@myldsmail.net The old email will still work for a few weeks but please start or get used to writing to this one. On that note my week is as followed.

Today I will go play Wallyball and buy food for the week. Teach 4 lessons tonight, 8 on Wednesday, Weekly plan and teach on Thursday, Be interviewed and teach again Friday, Then our normal dull weekend. Kind of exciting if you ask me. Last week we had a baptism for Chandler Kriter on Saturday. It was enjoyable experience and very spiritual. He was a lot of fun to teach and was very bright so not incredibly hard. We'll meet with him a little bit longer. We set another date with a 17 year old kid who got interested in the church through friends. He is native American and had gotten ahold of a Book of Mormon he prayed about it and found out it was true and he prayed again asking God to have someone invite him to learn more about the church. His best friend asked him to meet with the missionaries within a day. A-mazing. All I have to say. We're hoping to set one more date tonight and two more on Thursday bringing our total to 6. That'd be something. I'm praying we can keep moving the missionary work forward.

Its been so much fun teaching this much but the weather last week was in my opinion miserable. Thursday it rained from when we woke up to when we went to bed. Its so dry here that the ground doesn't soak it in very well. So mud mud mud mud mud mud mud... mud. Mud in my hair, mud on my pants, mud on my shoes, mud in my shoes, mud on my coat. MUD ON MY FACE+ MUD IN MY SOUL= me grumpy. No one was outside and we didn't teach like anyone that day they all cancelled. LAAAAMMMEEE. This week will be better though I hope.

Our area is doing well. I went on an exchange with the district leader who's only council to me was to keep it up. That's neat. This past Sunday I faced my fear. In the 3rd ward I got to teach the Primary which is the two hour little kid like 4-11 age group kids. The ward I got to teach(cause Elder Robertson taught somewhere else) has the largest primary in the area at about 110 kids. Oh my gosh... The most crazy thing I've ever seen in my life. I don't think I could do Elementary school. I don't have any patience. Next week will be cool because in one ward Elder Robertson will be presenting a presentation to the adults while in another ward I will be doing a presentation to the youth. Since I was 17 when I was baptized I'm asked to work with the youth a lot.

Yesterday we played a game called Jungle Speed. Its like Spoons. You have to match cards and once not and be the first not have any cards left. If your card matches anyone else's cards you have to fight over a wooden spindle in the middle and literally fight its awesome. If you grab the spindle and you're not supposed to you get a strike and if you get 3 strikes you have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon. You can probably tell where this is going. I got 3 strikes. Yup. Cinnamon is way dry and hard to swallow.

That is all from me this week. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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