Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The beheading... and the unexpected return of Elder Yates‏

Alright, I don't know where to... umm. Truly begin. Still trying to figure out how to start it but we'll see. But lets try anyways woot. This week has been pretty good. We had quite a few lessons fall through(too many actually thats so annoying). But on the better side of everything we had 71 street contacts. WOOT. Most ever since I've been here in Snowflake. It isn't an easy task. So I'm happy.

Here we go, so first off I found out earlier this week that Elder Hadley and Elder Edmonds were finally able to meet with one of my converts. I bought her a new set of scriptures which they have had trouble getting to her. i was getting worried but Elder hadley told me that they got it to her. She said and I quote "I'm going to kill him for doing this". Hahaha no worries she was so excited to get them.

The next thing I'll talk about next was something that shocked me. Thursday I saw in the morning that we had missed a call from Montana. I didn't think a whole lot of it. I couldn't think of anyone we were teaching from Montana and I didn't get the chance to call the number back. So I thought oh well. Later that evening it called again and the person on the phone asked to talk to me. I answered and the voice said is this Scurvy Greg? I said is this who I think it is!? Yup its First mate Yates. And I got the Pirate Keir with me. We chatted briefly and then I gave him directions to our place. We saw them after the night was over. Elder Yates thinks I'm really fat. "Elder Keir look at husky Elder Caywood". "Dang Elder Caywood look at these love handles". Its true as much as I try I'm fat. Nothing I can do about it. But Elder Yates on the other hand is thin as a rail. I weigh a few lbs more than him now. Striking diffrence if you look at the old pictures of us. He's doing well. He had lunch with Elder Moa on Friday and Elder Moa called me and said Elder Yates says your fat. Gosh Dangit! Oh well.

We were trying to find a way to get into a less active house. Sister Yazzie said that they needed a rooster killed and we could do that for them. So we went over and said "Hey we'll kill your rooster". And we murdered those things. We had to use the dullest of dull knives though. I think I would have been more successful with a butter knife. There was so much blood bhahahahaha.

Sunday night was the mission president's fireside. They didn't have enough recent converts to speak so they asked me to. I thought I gave a very good testimony and President Bassett said after "That was the way that needed to start". That was cool. Yesterday was zone conference. We discovered our total baptisms for last year was 1200 and our goal for this year is 1500. Woah. We're having another one next week. We'll see if we can do this.

Well thats all I got. Fare thee well and peace the freak out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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