Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snakes in a trailer!!!!‏

Well it's week 2 of transfer something. Actually its my 5 month mark. And I might go buy Dairy Queen and have a party with myself. Because I'm just that cool. If you want to come I'll be there this afternoon just off of main street eating a blizzard. It should be a good time, I might put a candle in it or something, I would consider attending. NOT. But I'm still getting Dairy Queen in honor of the death(end of mission) of my father Elder Yates.

Well this week has been fairly eventful. Last week we talked to quite a few people but yesterday I was on fire. We blew out anyday I had before last trasnfer. It was pretty sweet. We taught a lot of lessons and I was spot on. It was way cool. I made a Jehovah Witness question her faith which was kind of neat. Got her close. Oh the J-dubs. I'm going to apologize in advance for the pure shortness of this email. I've had a bit of a "long" P-day and I haven't eaten yet.

So this week we spoke in church twice. One ward and then another. My first talk was alright. It could have been shorter. But luckily I got to give another and I nailed it. The work here is about to come about. Unfortunately I'm getting the feeling that I may be planting seeds and someone else will gather the harvest. Alas I must go on. It truly is sad when you realize that but you can't get it down. I'll get my turn one day I know it.

Well I made my title of the email snakes in a trailer because... as you can guess.......... SNAKES IN A TRAILER AHHHHHHHH! Here's what happened. The spanish elders went to go excercise. Elder Hendrickson put away his bike and saw a rattlesnake going under the panel of our trailer. Elder Hendrickson screamed locked up the bike and ran for his life. He told me what happened and I got the plan to go get it and beat it with a shovel. We called around and some other Elders(Elder Davenport and Bailey). They brought over a long pipe and came over. They didn't like my idea of KILLLLLLLING the snake. They wanted to catch it and sell it to ASU for 40 bucks. So there we are all, 6 Elders inside the bike gate of our trailer. I'm on the porch just incase anything happens, I can run for my life and safe myself because I'm not retarded. The Elders got a broom and attached a string to it to make it like a noose thing for the snake. They tried to noose it into the trash can I bought to keep the rats out of the trash. They touched the snake's head(it was in coiled attack mode) it felt threatened. Then for the first time in person I heard the rattle and the snake turned around and went under our trailer. Dag. I flipped and taped down every vent. The spanish elders thought I was overreacting but I said "if a rat can get in here a snake can get in here. Ick.

Well this week should be good. Our numbers are going to go way up I know it. Hopefully that'll be the last of the snakes. I thought it out. Try to make sense of this I am companions with a friend from college's cousin's MTC companion. Weird how things like that happen. I saw a brief second of football last night. Enough to see Brett Farve in purple and gold Viking color TRAITOR. Oh well. Peace OUT.

Love, Elder K-Wood/ Harry Potter(ever since the snake incident the Elders think I have the ability to talk to snakes and now we all talk like Harry Potter characters, yeah missionaries are crazy its true.)

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