Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A rushing river part deux‏

This may be short so I apologize in advance just so you know. Last night and most of this morning was crazy and I'm way tired though I may find some energy to play a little football here soon. This week has had its ups and downs.

Alright I guess to start off here we go. The area itself is slowly getting better. We don't have a very big teaching pool right now but there are definitely some paths we are going and I feel that they are down the right way. I hope they are. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to push a boulder up a large hill. Josh is still doing good, we took him to Mesa this week. We went to the temple and walked around with him he really enjoyed it. We also took another investigator Cindy to the temple this week too. She really wanted to watch Joy to the World which is a Christmas video, which I liked on 3 levels because a. I love movies b. I'd never seen it before and c. I love Christmas. Everybody wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! It went well I enjoyed it a lot.

Yesterday we had ZDM(Zone Development Meeting). My assignment was to leas the music again. I get stuck with that job a lot. It's really really sad to watch me do it. I try and try and... try. But yet my arm is just flinging around in front of a bunch of people he are like what the heck. I did alright this time around last time they threw me off. I geared up for 4/4 time I was ready I was psyched. We started I was doing great and then halfway through it went to 3/4 and I was like oh crap. Not good.

I had my interview with President. He told me the things he told me every interview since I've came in. His mind seemed else where there. We passed a car inspection with a perfect for the first time ever. Go figure.

Most of my news has to do with this morning. We were getting up at 4:30 to go to the temple this morning. We heard the sound of rushing water(not just running water). We went into the kicthen to discover a flood. The carpet in the other room was even soaked. We sat there bewildered and searched for the cause. We opened up the cabinet beneath the kicthen sink. we discovered a pipe that was just launching steaming hot water out of it. We tried to turn off a valve or two and mess with it but nothing. We finally turned the water off to all the house and luckily Brother Fuller fixed up. It turns out a rat started to bite into the pipe and it well exploded.

Later today we visited a tongan family in Mesa whose son is serving in Elder Edmonds home ward and had 5 baptisms there. They were excited to talk to him all about where he lived. It was his moment so I just kind of laid back and let him talk it up they weren't very interested in me. They wanted to play us a song on the ukulele and sing it as a family for us. They sang and it was awesome. Elder Edmonds told them I played too and they quickly handed me the uke and asked me to play them something. So I played my renditions of "Hallelujah" and "Nearer My God To Thee" and they really enjoyed that and opened up to me a little more after that. Then they took us out to some barbeque it was awesome.

I'm glad you enjoyed all the mooses at the national park. I've seen a bunch of quail and rattlesnakes that's about it. The AJ Elders have now killed 3 and eaten 1. Yum. Tastes like chicken seriously. Peace Out

Love, Elder K-Wood

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  1. I hope you got dried out from the flood! What a great idea to take people to the temple. Another good idea is to give tours of the church buildings. Keep working hard.

    Bro. Pollary