Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I ripped my pants‏

So this week is beginning to pick up again. Some crazy stuff has happened in the past week and a lot of it I can't even remember. SO LETS BEGIN DA SMACK DOOOOOOWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

That was a little manaical. Wow I didn't even know I could laugh like that muahahaaha. Crap maybe I'm turning evil, I sure hope not. So first of all we are not moving. We were for like a day. Then President changed his mind. Then a few days later he changed his mind again. But this time he decided to move out the Spanish Elders instead. So they'll most likely be gone sometime this week. That'll be nice, though its fun to have them around its truly too hard to focus at times which is frustrating.

Thursday went up and then down. We got out and taught a new investigator which is the first we've had in quite some time. It made me really happy to get to teach this guy. He's so nice. He hasn't giant red beard and loves the NFL. Which pretty much rocks in my books. But then the day tanked, our next like 4 appointments fell through. I told Elder Edmonds not to look down, we decided ice cream makes everyone feel better so we went and got some. During that time we got a call about some dreadful news. The spanish elders called and said that all of our bikes we're stolen. I was furious. That was my flipping awesome bike. We drove back to the place and saw all the bike gone from inside the gate... except for one. Lo behold there was Elder Caywood's super awesome trek mountain roadbike hybrid sitting on the porch. I was so happy but I felt bad because the other Elders all had their bikes stolen. Somebaody had the nerve to drive a truck up to our trailer in the middle of the day and take them all(you can see the tire tracks). I guess my tire exploding a month ago certainly wasn't the worst thing that happened. It may have saved me another 400 dollars.

Saturday we finally got ahold of our investigator who was offended at church the week before. We actually convinced him to go to a baptism with us and to our suprise he said sure. He wasn't feeling well and said he may not be at church the next day we said thats cool, we told him we would bring him a ringpop on Sunday for being so awesome. On a side note Elder Edmonds and I hand out ringpops to the kids and such they are called the "ring of righteousness" if you do something good you get one from the Elders. Its catching on. So on Sunday we went to go see how this investigator was doing. We went about 40 minutes before church started to see if he was going and to give him his ringpop. We went up to the gate and sadly discovered it was locked. Elder Edmonds and I looked at each other and weren't sure what to do. I said I've prayed too long and too hard for this kid not to show up to church(he's our only investigator I see going anywhere). So I hopped the chain link fence and at the top of it I felt something snag my pants. I tried to move carefully but then I heard the rip. I *sighed* and went to the door. His Grandma(who doesn't like us) said he wasn't going to make it today because he wasn'r feeling well. We were saddened and asked her to at least give him his ring pop. We went back to the church a little down because he didn't come I thought he would in fact I was counting on it... I WAS RIGHT!!! We went to the foyer of the church and there was Josh, we looked at him and asked why was here 25 minutes early, he said he didn't want to miss church. That was pretty flippin' sweet.

Well yesterday we had quite a few doors slammed in our faces, no one is outside here. There were oodles of people in North Phoenix but no one is outside here so lots of door knocking. Elder Bickmore called yesterday and was excited. Him and Elder Thornton had run over a 42 inch long rattle snake. I went and saw it this morning, they had skinned it and put its head in a bottle. He looked mean and probably wasn't estatic about being run over.

I'm really glad Jay Cutler stunk that dumb turd. I'm glad the Broncos suposively somehow won. Its really weird that its football season and I'm not watching football, I think it'll be less weird next year. Elder Davenport and I were looking at some of my old pictures from earlier this year before my mission. He and I agree that I look a lot thinner. Its really something else actually. Not so much fat on my face as before. Maybe there is hope for me yet *air five*

I'm off. Laterz. Tengu Mun dia. Peace Out. Whatevs yo.

Elder K-Wood

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