Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The translator‏

I'm actually feeling a little bit better this week. It might just be because I bought new cologne this morning and I'm getting a little high off the fumes from it(Yes I did drench myself in it(and yes that does make me the hottest person in all of AJ but that isn't hard and I held that title before)). Wow I've already busted out the double parentheses this may just be an exciting letter. Should be intense! Let's get started!

So this week has been just a little busy. I've been working my butt off with Elder Edmonds trying to get this area going. We had to of knocked a million doors last week. Unfortunately not one person count it one person said yes. That was frustrating. One guy even said "yeah you can come by between 7 and 3:30 thats when I'm not home, yeah that shows my interest level". And the guy that said that was a member! I about popped him in the jaw. Just a little frustrating this week. But our numbers at least look better(though thats the least of my concerns).

Elder de Cesare took our car away yesterday. Apparenly it looked awful and so he traded our car with the sister missionaries' 2009 Malibu, Let' just say I'm not complaining. Bahaha. Unfortunately Elder de Cesare is now after my head, I'm scared out of my wits. Our Corrola looked like garbage because of the monsoon Saturday night and we couldn't wash it Sunday becaue no spending on that day. Dreading that just a little.

Sunday was kind of busy... And not the way I thought it would be. It was fast Sunday which meant 9 hours of church and no eating. We got to our 8 o'clock and were there for a while. At our 12 o'clock meeting something incredily cool happened. About 5 seconds before it started the deaf guy in our ward handed me a little keyboard that had a small screen attached to it. I freaked out a little bit at this contraption. As I panicked small lettlers on the screen said sorry I made you do this but I had no other choice. Then the prayer started. He said just type. Then the craziest first hour of church ever started. I had type what every person said... Woah.

Then to top it off Sunday night was the mission president's fireside. Which is just a big meeting where the recent convert tell there conversion stories. I had been asked to sing in it. I was freaking out. I hadn't sung in front of people in a while. I wasn't very good at it to begin with. And I was singing A capella, I had different parts, a solo, and to top it all off I was the only Elder singing. CRAP!!!! But it actually went really well!

Well this week should be good. I just discovered that we are moving as of about 4 seconds ago. No more spanish elder, instead we will be in an apartment with the zone leaders. It was a needed a change and I am very excited for it. Yay! Oh by the way! BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I'm on my mission and that happened GAHREHAGFVGDVGFLRAGIN!!!! Bleh. Oh well still awesome. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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