Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like Father like son‏

Ahoy, yes today is pirate lingo day. I don't know why or how but it is. Actually its not I just wanted an interesting way to start this email and I utterly failed. Dag. Oh well theres always next week. But maybe just maybe I can still save it! I must try!

So this week has been pretty good. Today I got a lot of sleep. I was uninterrupted by anything especially weird dreams. I had a dream the other week that I left the mission for an entire day to go to Rexburg to go to Subway and then go back to Mesa. So weird. Well we are borrowing a super vacuum/steam cleaner to clean the carpet of its stench. Thats been delightful. We only have a few miles left for the month. We only have 58 miles for 2 days until we get more on the 1st. Not quite sure how I'm gonna pull that one off but I will try!

I think mentioned that a few weeks ago I was looking through some of my old pictures and saw how unbelievably pudgey I looked before my mission. I mean seriously it kind of shocked me. Now I'm afraid it is happening again because I've gained like 15 lbs in the past month or so. I'm going to pick up the activity that I despised in elementary school. JUMP ROPE. Its intense. Seriously.

The past few days have been kind of interesting. We've been trying to talk to more people because we're not teaching as much. On Sunday we brought a southern baptist minister to church. That was interesting. But not as interesting as the other minister we found. We found a guy who wanted to bash with us. To my suprise he had several scriptures in the Book of Mormon memorized. He took several of them out of context. I began to get frustrated and just bore him a testimony of why it was true and how he could know. I told him how I was never religious but just under 2 years ago I was baptized and had found God. This caught his attention because now he went a new direction and was trying to convert me. He kind of ignored Elder Edmonds and was focused on stealing me away because I hadn't been involved with this church for very long. He failed and we left. *sigh* some people.

I was talking to a friend from college who was telling me about how she made a quote wall. I thought that was kind of neat and decided to gather my own quotes. So I started to write down the absolute most out there responses we've had when talking to people on the streets. Here's one we went up to talk to an elderly lady who was very upset to see us. She told us we were wasting our time and then said something that kind of made me snicker she said "How about you be good boys and keep your nose clean" then walked away. So odd.

Well yesterday I was looking at my right big toe and wasn't pleased. It was a little swollen on the right tip and its quite tender. To my dismay I believe that its an ingrown toenail. Sick. I called Sister Bassett and asked what I should do. She told a me a few things to do and told me to get back to her in a few days. It reminded so much of my mission father Elder Yates. I will never forget my first week in the mission. He had a pretty bad one. We went to the doctor and he had a little surgery. It was kind of shocking. He was like hammering his toe and then ripped off like a third of his toe nail. GAH. I wish we got that on video, If I knew thats what was going to be happening I would have taped it.

Well I think thats about it for this week Peace Out.

love, Elder K-Wood

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