Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An email for the ages‏

I think I have a lot of things to write about but honestly I'm not all that sure I will be able to successfully write it all down. But it has been an eventful for week so I'll try to get it all started.

Well last Thursday was my 6 month mark as a missionary so Elder Edmonds and I burned several ties. It was a good time and its hard to believe I've been gone for so long. I'm glad I don't look much older though from the beginning of my mission. Though I am putting on the pounds. I'm still over 200 lbs but I've went from eating Chocolate chip waffles every morning to Special K. Which is really really gross just so you know. I feel like a piece of Blubbler freshly severed from the side of a whale. Dag.

Friday was how do I say it. An interesting day. We had our weekly planning session which I despise! I hate planning for like 3 hours it stinks. But last Friday was different because we had a an appointment at 1 with someone we were going to set a date with. I turned on the car and it said low tire pressure. To our dismay someone had attempted and succeeded to slash our tires. It took us 45 minutes to call around and get the right tools to replace the tire. We were disheartened because the investigator also wasn't answering his phone. We were now about 45 minutes to a hour behind schedule and still no answer. Right when we got the tire on we recieved a call. I answered "hello" He said " Sorry guys did I miss you", I said "actually no we have a flat and have been kind of stuck out here" He said "really thats weird me too, my tire blew out on the 60 and I just got home I wanted to make sure I didn't miss you". My heart soared. We went over and set a date for baptism on the 24th. If we hadn't had that flat we would of missed him.

Conference weekend is truly a double edged sword. Its amazing to hear from the Prophet, the Presidency, and the Apostles. Its very spiritually uplifting and makes you say woah! I said that a couple times this weekend. A couple of the speakers stood out. Elder Holland, President Eyring, and Elder Callister. Awesome. Unfortunately 6 hours of Saturday gone is 6 hours of Saturday gone which is tough.

Well today is P-day and transfers. Drumroll please *pitter patter pitter patter* I don't think drums actually make that noise but anyways I'm hear for another 6 weeks. November 17th in the next transfer so more AJ for me. Sadly Elder Thornton is being transferred to Cave Creek to be a district leader. I'll miss him. The only other change is the spanish elders are in a threesome and the zone leaders are no longer a threesome.

Well today is a very special day for me. This day two years ago(yes one entire mission comparatively ago) I was baptized. Its really something to think about. Its funny to think that at the end of my mission I will have been a regular member for a year and a half and a missionary for two. Thats kind of neat. I remember reflecting on my baptism a few months ago when I went back to Scottsdale to baptize "Bee". I remember being in the water for the first time since I had been with Brady over a year before. I remember after sitting in the changing room. I was in awe and it hit me. This is what its all about. Changing lives. My purpose as a missionary has never seemed clearer than at that moment.

I'm thankful for all the support I've had from everyone over the years. if I was on my own it wouldn't have ever been at this point or had this oppurtunity. Even though I messed up some times. Occasionally hurt people's feelings and may have lossed a few close friends both in and outside the church. The experiences where I've had to grow and the challenges I've had to overcome can never be taken from me and I won't trade them away. I know that Christ lives and He is the Son of God. Till Next week I bid you adieu.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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