Monday, October 19, 2009

Life is still worth living!

Well life is still worth living unless the following scenario happens. You are delightful young Elder for the LDS church serving in Arizona, some other delightful young Elders convince you and your companion to get up at 3:30 an ungodly hour and go for a hike up the Superstition Mountains in the dark. It gets better. The trail you are following is treacherous and its dark. You meander of course. You are now free style rock climbing up a mountain filled with rattlesnakes, turantulas, and of course cactus. And to top it all off you are the only person who has balance problems and is afraid of heights. Put it all together and who is that person! Elder Brandon Caywood. Blech. Thats how my day has been how about yours?

Besides that I'm actually not too bad. Last P-Day I got to go to Scottsdale and have ice cream with Brother Gould former member of my home ward and was there at my baptism. He is a ward mission leader in Scottsdale over the Zone Leader's ward. Its really fun to talk to someone as down to earth as he is though I must admit it, it still kind of freaked me out to see someone I knew from home(kind of he lives in the mission now). He was suprised to see how much I cleaned up since the last time he saw which I believe was about April of '08 if I'm not mistakened.

Last week wasn't a good week in the source of finding(though we looked!) but we do have some interesting potentials. We are going to the Visitor Center in Mesa with some investigators both tonight and Wednesday. I'm quite excited for it. I have high hopes for each of them. We've been on bikes more in an attempt to get our street contacting up but its been less appealing with the 100 degree weather the past few days.

I went on splits with the zone leaders the other day and got to live the life of one for a day. Just hectic. I really hope that I don't have any kind of leadership position in the future because it is just way too chaotic. But I did enjoy the time I had. One of the guys I used to teach is getting baptized on Saturday. He moved farther in the AJ and thus out of my area. But he's set to go. I'm excited to see that! :D

Halloween is coming up and I've narrowed down 3 costumes I will wear for the ward Halloween party. Number one I will switch name tags with elder Elder Edmonds and be him for the night Number two I will be a ghost and poke out two eyeholes in a sheet and draw a tie on it and be a ghost missionary or Number three I will get a giant U-Haul box that says free candy on it and when people go to get it I will be inside the box and freak them out. All brilliant ideas but I can't say I'll do any of them.

I'm tired and am going to bed for the rest of the day and I must apologize, I forgot my camera cord so thus no pictures this week. Oh well tiwce as many next week then. I bid thee adieu.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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