Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The art of mooning‏

The art of mooning, it takes skill, talents, and looks. Its tough but certain individuals have been chosen to sneer drop their shorts and show their rear. Why am I talking about this. Well let me tell you why. I was geting my hair cut at the Madsens house and their son Jaron was talking to us. He told us about he wrote an entire college paper on how to moon people and recieved an A for his efforts. The highlight of the story was when Jaron told us that his mom would punish him if he mooned another member of his family. Jaron didn't listened and mooned his sister. His mom punished him by making him go outside and moon the next car that drove by. Jaron didn't want to because the stake president lived across the street. He said he didn't want to because President Harms would see his butt. But there was no escape and he mooned the next car.

I laughed forever after that. AMazing. Well this week has been up and down. Our only baptism date dropped us for a dumb reason. Monday we set up a time to see him and then Thursday he said he was offended by the way we shut his front door and didn't want us to ever come back. We were fuming. I got my bike fixed up for a pretty hefty penny. But I've got a new interube adjusted brakes and the shiny body of a pro. Which means I've been riding more and talking to more people. Not much success yet but were trying to double our efforts in talking to people.

I received a letter from my dear father Elder Yates. He wrote a beefy one and I was tickled pink to get it. His life seems quite busy but good. Heres a fun story from yesterday. We were at a less active's house and she had a friend over. She looked me over for a second and asked how old I was. I said like 19. She said no offence but you look like your 12. Harsh! I guess never I can never escape that. I won't get to enjoy looking young until I'm like 40 and someone says man you look like your 20 then I will have my day.

The missionary efforts here are improving. Each ward is at a different level it seems. ONe of our wards I'm excited about and I believe that it will pick up in that ward very soon! We had a lot of progress last week when we found 3 new investigators. I have high hopes for each of them. One of our greatest weapons will be a Halloween carnival our wards are putting together. I think that will get a lot of people member and non member alike out and about.

Well not whole lot to report besides that. Spanish Elders have a 3rd wheel which is strange. I've gained an immense amount of weight and a neat experience. On Sunday I met a Recent Convert who's name is Jack Nicholson. You know like the actor, I asked twice when I asked who was coming to dinner. He's so incredible strongest testimony of the church ever and he's a personal trainer. He gave some tips on how to conquer my excessive weight gain in the past month. Well I better head out. peace out. Love, Elder K-Wood

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