Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Training Part 2‏

If you can think of some crazy stuff that could happen to my area you don't have to think anymore because here we go transfer news. I was minding my own business Saturday Night(well kind of, I was in other people's business) when a call came from the mission office. Oh snap! I was a little scared and weary because had been working on this for a while. We had a lot of people that we are teaching and it's been amazing. We had 3 baptisms this past week. It was pretty cool, one of the baptisms fell through and she is going to have to wait until June when her probation is up. Anyways I'm drifting from the subject of this paragraph(no wonder I stunk at English). Anyways big news. I'm training again and we split our area and another missionary companionship is coming in. It's really wonderful! It's happening on Wednesday! Oh boy I'm pumped!

This week unfortunately Elder Whaley and I are being split he is off to Mountain View zone in East Mesa. We've had a way good time and though I'm fairly sure that I drove him nuts(I drive everyone nuts, I'm lucky I got any friends! Yay! :D ) He's going to do amazing things in the mission service and I'm excited for him. Great missionary.

I really don't have a lot to say. We had Thanksgiving this past week. Best part was the "Turkey Bowl" football will forever be my favorite part about Thanksgiving. We played for 3 hours and then we played soccer for a hour afterwards as well. I was so dead tired. I couldn't believe how sore I was on Friday. We had dinner with the Fullers. We only did one diner after last year's 4 I couldn't do multiple again(Thanksgiving still makes me a little sick from last year). But we had a great time there was like 40 people there or maybe more. It was so much fun! There was like 20 pies there! 20! I ate a lot and it was fun. That family is awesome!

This past week we had 3 baptisms and had a lot of fun. It was pretty much sweet. It was a little rushed but the Spirit was so strong and the people who got baptized were really sweet. I love the Spirit they carried. I wish I could say more but my brain is not working so I better just end this. i love you all and you're awesome. Wait wait, I forgot I got to do the Christmas Lights last night and it was so cool! It was so cold we were out there for 5 hours talking to people about Christmas and inviting them to learn more. I wish i had pictures from it but I don't maybe next time. Alright for real Love you bye.

Love, Elder Caywood

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