Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quarantine Part Dos‏

I think that's how you spell two in Spanish...dos. Not sure but that's ok, I don't got any Spanish police on me. I'll explain more about that later. But this week has been a good week for us. We set another date bringing our total to about 14 now I believe. It's been really wonderful. They span from a cool black lady from the south to a guy who wears an eye patch to church. It's pretty much sweet. I really enjoy teaching all of these wonderful people. It gets my mind off of "you only get to do this for 4 more months" argh!

Well I mentioned that I was sick. I think it's official that I have gotten way sick in every area I have served in. I need to eat healthier I thinking I'm slacking more than ever right now. That might have something to do with a lot of my health problems dang inability to cook! Anyways Thursday we are on a zone leader exchange and had an amazing day but I was quite certain that I was going to die throughout the day. I had a terrible headache, I was tired, and swallowing seemed a little more like swallowing quarters rather than swallowing spit. It was miserable and began to lose it which is so exciting because I'm already crazy as it is. I sat around inside for about 3 days or so and have been told to take it easy which is really really hard for me(I like to work!) But alas there are blessings in obedience and if I'm told i have to slow down a little there's probably wisdom in that.

Right now I feel alright but a lot better than I did before. This week appears to be exciting as we will be in Scottsdale for training. I've enjoyed my scripture study as of late. I've been in the Book of Mormon reading in Alma. The missionaries in that book are very bold and the people are very angry at them. Despite this circumstance they still find lots of people to teach and baptize(sadly enough the mean people burn the baptized people alive but that's not the point of what I'm saying just something I wanted to point out). It seems to me that there will always be people who are jerks about stuff. Granted there will be missionaries who seem like they are just as big of jerks! But nevertheless there are people out there who are lost who are searching but we need to find them.

I'll share a cool example from this week. There's a couple we are teaching and they are just awesome. They are Gabe and Kelly. They were way awesome the first time I taught them I was confident that they would accept a baptism date when it was extended. They immediately did and ere so excited to be baptized.To be honest we have not taught them since mainly because Keely at the time was 9 months pregnant and has been recovering since the birth of their 2nd son. Yet they still come to church and class and we are now on schedule to teach them tomorrow. They are amazing good people and I love them. Now I'll share the experience, this week we had a state wide stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake in which President Monson spoke. Gabe mentioned after the service that when the Prophet spoke he felt so good that it was as if God was speaking to him, Himself. It was powerful and they just looked so great, I'm excited for their baptism.

I love what I'm doing and I'm not ashamed of it, I believe it's true, if you say otherwise that's fine, but I know what I know and I'll share what makes me happy.

Love, Elder Caywood

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