Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Morning!‏

Well I address this good morning because it is a very good morning and a long morning at that. We have been working hard. I've gotten up at 5:30 the past 3 days. Sunday night I was up late. Some stuff happened in the zone I had to take numbers really late. In fact I had to take it at about 11 PM, which was not fun because of the early day ahead of us. Admittedly I am beginning to feel it and I wonder how I ever could have done this before and I feel very blessed that I have Spirit to lug my tired out of shape body around. I'm not sure what will happen after the mission, eh whatever, that doesn't matter what matters is now, NOW!, NOW!

Why I say that is because many miracles have happened this week. 3 people I taught got baptized this weekend. 2 of which I got to attend. One was in my own area for a young boy named Curtis, he is awesome. He 's about 10 and he's very open and honest about what we are teaching. One thing I have enjoyed about teaching him is that he responds and when he doesn't get something he'll say it. I've taught many kids in my mission that when you ask them "What is tithing?" after just teaching, not all the time but many times kids will say "something Jesus does cause he loves me?" while somewhat true it's not quite what I'm looking for and generally we reteach and hammer it in until they get it. With Curtis you ask him and if he doesn't know or doesn't remember he means it. He's open and he's funny I love it!

The other baptisms were both people I taught in my last area. One I couldn't attend. The other one was for Lorraine Torres. One of the blessings about being so close to an old area is it doesn't take much effort to go back for something like that. Her friend Seth was the one who baptized her and it was a really cool service. One of the neat things about it was my last night in the area, she was thinking of delaying her baptism until next year. I asked her if she would get on her knees right then ands ask when she was supposed to get baptized. As we knelt I remember distinctly November 6th, it came to mind. So when we finished the prayer I smiled and said I know when you are getting baptized. She asked if I would tell her and I said "The Spirit told me because I'm your missionary now you have to go ask and let Him tell you", the next week when she told the Elders that she had prayed and had decided that she needed to be baptized on the 6th Elder Evans was ecstatic to tell her that was the day I had said when we left that night. It was a cool experience and the baptism was amazing.

This week I also got to see my good friend John Delp get married! I was shocked but so so happy for him! You may remember John just got recently baptized in September. It was a wonderful service.

We have a lot of wonderful miracles coming up, Elder Whaley and I currently are teaching a lot of people and have set 13 baptismal dates. Now they key is getting them to hold on! We're on track and we are going to see many many miracles. We intend to give as much as we can give back to the Lord for this Holiday season.

I'll keep you updated with stuff(that's so general it is completely open to interpretation).

Love you bye,
Elder Caywood

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