Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooktastic Weekend‏

This weekend is Halloween (yay) which will be sweet. Unfortunately, it is on Sunday ((boo) not intended to be a ghost, but a sad boo) but we're having parties in the wards we cover on Saturday. Elder Whaley and I have decided that we are going to be Tempe Missionaries(missionaries from the Tempe mission) it's a bit of an inside joke but I'll tell you about it when I come home. I have got a lot of stories about the Tempe missionaries.

Anyway, it was my first week in my new area which is across the street from my old area. In fact we have to cut through parts of my old area to get to parts of my new area. And there are several people who have a boundary exception, meaning they are living in my old area but are accepted into my current area. Oddly enough I had dinner with one such family last night. It was so weird but I still love it here. I love this part of Mesa and this may be the only part of Mesa I ever see. I don't think I'm getting moved again so I'm fairly sure this is my last area. *gulp* I can't believe I have been a missionary for this long. I never thought it would come. *sigh* but alas let us all press on.

We had a great week. We took some pictures from the baptism of Linden Johnson. Linden's son joined the church about a year ago as did his wife. He said it'd never before him but some humbling circumstances convinced him otherwise. His son saw the change in his life and invited him to church and then invited him to meet with missionaries. He became good friends with a guy named Chet Arnett. Linden since then(about a month ago) has read the Book of Mormon 3 times and been baptized. He is so amazing. His baptism was wonderful and look forward to getting to know him even more.

This week we set 6 more baptism dates for November to add to the 3 that were already here. We're excited we had 10 people come to church who were actively investigating. I'm working my hardest to keep this going. We have a lot of ward support and we're working miracles. This week we expect to set a few more baptism dates. I'm excited things are about to blow up here! Elder Whaley is so awesome too! We get along great and he's trying his hardest just to do what's right and follow the Lord so humble and as always "so good".

I wish I had more time to write. But I'll get to write when I'm dead! Ha! Aw, I just made myself sad. I feel that I need to be here and that I can make an impact, it is really weird to be so close to where I just diligently served around the people who I love so much but I know what is right and what I'm supposed to do. Yay! I'm grateful to be a missionary and happy the Lord is so patient with me. I'm grateful to be a part of his church restored on the Earth and to share that with people, it's so much fun!

I'll let you know more next week, today has been crazy but all and all I can say... Adieu

Love, Elder Caywood

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