Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Transfers... eh, mostly‏

So here we go, drum roll please, because you may have noticed that I am not writing on Tuesday, being that to my knowledge that it is Wednesday right now. I do apologize, the space bar super sucks on this right now so there may be a few words that you have never seen combined before. I probably shouldn't have said sucks, but I don't want to take the time to retype, hey maybe I'm a true American after all, hurrah for being so lazy I won't retype. Well I guess it's more of a time crunch thing but I'm wasting plenty of time writing about this, wow I got skills...

Anyway, I did get transferred, but not far. In fact the church building I got transferred to is visible from the apartment window in the area I just left. I literally moved across the street. I kid you not. I was in the Maricopa North stake and am now in the Maricopa stake. This could possibly be my last area... Which does make me want to cry. I'd like to think that I have more time but unfortunately it appears the minute hand is just a few ticks away from midnight. Which in turns means I'm going to just be that much more drastic. I'm going to work even harder. Yes I know harder!!! I'm going to go until I have to crawl to invite people to come to church. I will do it all!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!

As for my companion his name is Elder Whaley and he has been out for a month. He is from Virginia, he is tighter than spandex but in a good way (that is open to interpretation but will be discussed at a different time). He just got trained by his trainer who left to become a zone leader. It's honestly a little weird just being across the street and I don't feel that has truly set in yet.

Before I left the last area we did get a couple people progressing. The area is beginning to pick up again and we have a few dates set for November. I'll get to go back for those which I'm pretty excited for. I had a lot of people sign my journal. It doesn't feel like it, but I was there just as long as I was in Snowflake, go figure. It was some sad goodbyes but a lot of good feelings, I felt that I did my job there and that it is now improved. I worked my guts out. And Bishop Jackson said I'm an official member of 20th ward and told me when I get married to come move back! Ha ha, I guess we'll see, I like the idea but I'll think about more realistically when the time actually comes... hopefully not soon, I fear it'll take the most of my courage to even speak to a girl when I go home.

Anyways lots of fun stuff ahead. I'll let you know about the new area next week, love you bye!!!!

Love, Elder Caywood

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