Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We got heart‏

I am feeling very good right now. Its so amazing to see the progression I have made in my missionary skills. The goal of 100 people on the street talked to every week seems like nothing now and I'm quite comfortable getting it. This week we are going for the daunting 140 which has never been done in the area where I am serving. In fact it had never been done in the northern part of the mission until the Taylor Elders and the Zone Leaders did it a month ago. We had a strong start yesterday with 31 and I'm praying as I do always that the Lord will put people out there to talk to. I do have to say last week was a little slower than I would have liked. We didn't teach as much as we have because several of our lessons fell through. I may have mentioned this last week but we set a baptism date for this weekend. Her name is Bryanne Yates and she has asked me to baptize her. Finally I'm baptizing a Yates(in your face Elder Yates you never got a Caywood on your mission). I'm incredibly excited I've never seen a family have such a strong conviction of the gospel. Their daughter Bryanne is the first one taking a step forward.

This past week we had a lesson with one of my favorite less active members. His name is Brother Yellowhair. He is a 70 year old Navajo. Missionaries in the past have always tried to get him to come out to church and every now and then he'll come out for a while but then will once again get comfortable where he is at. Elder Robertson and I knocked on his door 2 months ago. He greeted us the same as he did every other missionary who has tried. But we took interest in all he did. He told us many stories of the Navajo culture and he's a professional painter. He has had paintings in the church magazine the Ensign. A few weeks ago in response to a question I told him that I am a convert of 2 years. His eyes widened and said you've only been in the church for 2 years I nodded. His desire erupted into a flame. He told us this last week that if I could come as far as I have in just 2 years then there is still hope for an old indian like him. He said that we were the first missionaries ever who have come by who have heart. He said every other missionary who he has talked to is on their mission for their mom or a girlfriend. He said but not you guys you are here to help me. Its so incredible to teach that man. He said Elder Robertson and I are the Sons of water and lightning and he is going to paint us a picture of what he means.

Well in a few weeks I'll be turning 20. I gotta say the thing I want the most in pictures and to hear how people I know are doing. That would be cooler than almost any gift. I don't know if I'll be in Snowflake for my birthday because transfers are on the 23rd I believe but I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. Love ya all peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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