Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 decades of me!!!‏

Muhahahahaaha! The world has let me live for 20 years starting on Saturday March 27th 2010! Do they not realize they have left me here for too long... now, now is the time for me to take over the world! Then they will see their mistakes! They won't know what hit them... 2 decades!!!! Now is the time!!!! AHAMUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAZHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And that's what it would be like if I was a tyrannical insane dictator who at age 20 decided it was time to take over the world. But luckily I'm just a geeky tall person from the Mountain village of Colorado Springs(which is actually at the foot of a mountain and a city of a few 100,000 people yay geography). But alas I am turning 20 on Saturday and I'm excited. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and support it means a lot.

Well transfer news was Saturday and we were informed that both Elder Robertson and I will be together another 6 weeks. Which means I have never been with a companion longer than I will be with Elder Robertson and I will have never been an area longer than I have been in Snowflake. I guess I'm just meant to be here. I really like it. The small town of 5000 people or so still hasn't won me over from the city life that I am very accustomed to but I do have an appreciation for it. The only downer is no Wal-mart or shopping malls of any kind. Just a grocery store and a dollar store or two. But I will see the valley once again.

Our missionary district only experience a small change. Out in Heber Elder Bickmore will be getting a new companion. I cannot say who because I don't know he has been given the priveledge to train. He is so pumped up. He is going to flip Heber upside down I'm excited to see how he'll do. The rest of the district as I said has stayed the same. Elder Maxwell in Taylor will die here(Go home) in May and Elder Stewart the zone leader in Snowflake will die here in June. I'll probably leave in May but I am not sure we'll see.

As for the work, we had 2 baptisms this weekend for Ricky and Brittany Rider. It was saturday morning. I baptized Birttany and Elder Robertson baptized Ricky. Their Grandpa also invited someone from the grocery store to listen to us. So I'm excited for that. We set 2 more baptism dates last week and I'm hoping to be able to set 2 more this week and 1 or 2 more next week. Its going to be good. We had 7 baptisms last transfer. The mission as a whole only had 132, according to the text we got this morning from President. We had mixed feelings about it. Seeing as we dipped significantly as a mission but the Elder Robertson and I out of the 90 companionships were able to attribute so much. We felt good about it on a personal and companionship level. We upped it again least week we had 153 TTI's. Its so good for little Snowflake!

Well I'm running out of things to say. Mom thanks so much for sending those pictures of Brady from his mission. He looks like he's having a blast and doing a lot fo good for the people down there. Though it's honestly strange to see him with hair that short. But I still love him. Well I better get going. Love you all! Peace out!

Love, Elder Caywood

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