Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh man change!?‏

Alright so I do have some exciting news. We had a baptism on Saturday which was incredibly spiritual, I really enjoyed it and because of that baptism the girl who was baptized brother and another friend want to be baptized as well. Its really incredible to see. We're having 2 more on Saturday which will mean 7 for the past month and 13 since I've come to Snowflake. We've had some promising potentials just pop up so I believe things here wil just get better and better. Last week we finally topped 142 street contacts or TTI's as we call them in the mission. Yesterday was a great start to the week. We taught five lessons got 3 new investigators and we had 47 TTI's. Who knew that things could be so good in Snowflake eh?

We have about 6 lessons tonight and 5 the next night and like 5 the night after that. Things seem to just be getting better. I'm excited to be a part of the Lord's work here and see the miracles happening. Which will lead me to my next topic. Change... I've been informed our area will not be split this transfer on the 23rd but more than likely on May 4th or 5th at the end of the next one. President can't split it now because he doesn't have enough missionaries but in May he is getting 8 more missionaries than usual. Which means an area split!!! Woot hoo!!! He also said that he's getting more missionaries not more vehicles and that one of the areas in Snowflake will probably be a bike area. That'll be intense. Which brings a couple scenarios out. I could one be transferred a week today and none of this will matter. Or two I stay and split the area and get to ride my bike all across Snowflake which would place me here until June. So many different scenarios and I'm excited.

Over the past month I've had the priveledge of reading a book called Jesus the Christ which I have felt has been approbiate to grow closer to Him especially with Easter season so fastly approaching. Its a rather long and in depth book but I'm still trucking through it. The words can be a little over my head but I understand a lot of them(AP English did something holy crap!) and its just under 800 pages. I started around the beginning of the transfer which was in the middle of February and I'm 650 pages in. I'm expecting to be done in the next week. Its interesting because I don't believe that there is a greater commentary on the life of the Savior. I have gained so much in reading it. I understand his teachings and parables. They make sense now but it certainly hasn't been easy. Its taking a great amount of study but man I have enjoyed it. It's changed my life and my perspective on life.

Well, next week if you don't hear from me in the morning, I am either A. Being transferred, B. Doing something else at the moment, or C. Stopping a hord of zombies from overtaking the quaint little town of Snowflake. I hope it's not C, I hate zombies. Love ya.


Elder Caywood

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