Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Meridian of Mission‏

I really really can't believe this is happening. On Thursday(April Fool's!) I will have been on my mission for exactly a year. This morning as I pondered I decided I'd take a look at myself in the airport last year. I remember it was freezing. I remember we had to ditch my duffle bag be cause it was going to cause 8 bazzilion dollars to send 3 bags instead of the normal like 50 or something. Then I remember one thing. I was scared it hit me. I looked at my family and the thought finally hit me like a body builder throwing a brick at my thick thick skull. I ain't gonna see these guys for 2 years! Oh flippin' goodness AHHHH!!! I looked at the picture of me in the airport. To the untrained the first thing you notice is that guy is really pale. But when I look at the picture I see one thing. That guy has no idea what's happening to him. And boy I didn't. If I had known before hand how hard a mission would be I may not have so readily signed up. But now being a year out I'm for sure super super sure glad I did.

We've had a fairly decent week this week. One thing did backfire though... We assumed that spring break would mean tons o tons of people home from school and plenty of families for us to teach and to contact. WRONG. We failed to acknowledge the size of Snowflake and remember that there isn't a whole lot to do here and a lot of the residence when gven the chance... skip town. That meant that not only our numbers plummeted but so did the district's. Everyone had it rough except for the zone leaders who still managed to pull off 13 investigator lessons. But there is a bright side to this situation to this. We found people. Despite everything oh did we find people. Since I wrote you last we have set 4 more baptism dates for the 24th of April bringing it to a total of 6 for that day!!! All 4 people we found last week it's incredible. We're going to reset 2 dates tonight and set 1 more tonight for the 17th. Bringing are grand total to 11 for the next month and a half. YAHOOOO!!! It's so exciting I can't wait. We just gotta keep up our faith and spirits and keep relying on the One providing all this. I'm just estatic.

As for my birthday we had a way good time. I wore the new ties Grandma and grandpa got me. Sister Yazzie made Elder Robertson and I the most intense quilts ever! And then we had a party there on Friday. Then on Saturday we had a party and a lesson twice. It was way fun. I had way too much ice cream at the first party and then about 3 hours later we went over to Dave Finck's and fam. They had the coolest cake ever and I've been snacking on it. They got me some way cool gifts and it was a blast. So cool to help people out and then get to enjoy the coolness of it. Love it.

This transfer is kind of sad cause I know I'll probably leave and two of my favorite missionaries are finishing up soon. A dying missionary is never a pleasing sight I have to tell you. Nothing quite like it in the world. Well I better go off, I'm excited for an awesome conference Easter weekend. Who knew you could combine two amazing things! Love ya bye.

Love, Elder Caywood/Aka Elder Catwood(yeah it happened never gotten that one before)

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