Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A point proven?‏

"Its flipping freezing up here Mr. Bigglesworth"(Dr. Evil from Austin Powers). That is code for I can't feel my feet bah they are so cold. Its cold here. COLD. Coldcoldcoldcoldcold!!!! I hate the cold. Blargalsmarf!(Yes I just made a new obscene word you may interpret it if you like). But seriously the wind and snow blew sideways all day yesterday. I felt like an old school knockin' doors in the snow missionary. Which leads to say two things. One is a song. "Knockin' doors in the rain. People think that we're insane. We wear ties and don't chew gum. People think that these rules are dumb." and another thing I'd like to say is an old missionary legend "For every house you knock in the rain or snow is another hour your future wife spends in the gym". A bad motive for it but a motive to do it nonetheless! Bahaha

Last week I mentioned some rather large changes that could be happening. At the risk of starting rumors I kept my mouth shut on what it was. It turned out I was right. A few weeks ago I was on an exchange with an assistant to the President. I said our area has a lot of work in it and could really be split up. He said that a few other areas could use that too and what its coming down to is that we would need to split the mission. I felt some prophecy in his voice. Last Tuesday we found out why. A new mission is opening. The New Mexico, Farmington mission is being made and will be opened on July 1st. It will basically have the entire Navajo Reservation in it and any surrounding areas. For us that means 8 missionaries who serve in our part of the reservation will be putinto a different mission which encompasses 1/3 of Utah, 1/3 of Arizona, 1/8 of Colorado, and 1/4 of New Mexico. Its really incredible to hear about. So if I get transferred to the res that will mean that I will be put in a different mission. We'll see what happens.

So this weekend we had 2 more baptisms. It was amazing! I loved it. I baptized one of them and Elder Robertson the other. The girl I baptized asked me to sing "Abide with me tis' Eventide" acapella. I flipping nailed it!. Such a good service. That girl was so prepared and I think I learned quite a bit from teaching her. The other baptism was a navajo kid who's family is getting active. All of his family was there and the spirit was strong which was good because we had an investigator who was there and now wants to be baptized because she was there. As we were walking back to the chapel the girl said to me "Seeing that makes me want to baptized" I said "When will you do it?" she said "Before you leave." I said "Ok it'll have to be in a month then because thats when I think I'm leaving"(which was stretching the truth). She said she'd work on it. We're teaching that family tonight.

The title states "A point proven?". Let me explain. When I first got here Elder Hadley noticed something that I always denied. He said that all the girls from about 12-15 here can't keep their eyes off of you. I denied it but it quickly became the inside joke of the district. Elder Hadley got transferred and I told the other Elders who were still here to stop because I had enough of it. Yesterday it re-established itself as the joke again. I was talking to the grandma of a 10 year old and a 12 year old yesterday. They had to cancel their lesson yesterday but said they had decided who they wanted to baptize them. I asked who. She said "Well Elder Caywood Brittany has a thing for blonds if you catch my drift". The phone was on speaker and Elder Robertson laughed for about5 minutes straight saying "I told you it was true". *sigh* so that's my story.

This week we're having another baptism for a guy named Dave. He's from back east and way cool. I love that guy he's come such a long way and I'm way excited for his baptism too. I'm suposed to be the musical number at that baptism too so his wife is going to call this morning and tell me what she wants me to sing.

I have to say that is so incredible that Sarah is going to Nationals. You'll have to video tape it for me so I can watch when I come back. Well thats all I got. Peace Out.

Love, Elder Caywood

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