Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The return of Elder Bickmore‏

Let me tell you of a man I once knew. I was a wee lad in the MTC, about 30lbs lighter than I am today (I know I'm fat, get the freak over it). I met a young man but old man named Elder Bickmore. We had a swell time together. I was the weird convert and he.....and he was just crazy and still is. We came out of the MTC and got put in Phoenix together and were trained by our respective trainers. In July, they sent Elder Bickmore to AJ, but to my surprise I found out I would follow him again and we would be in the same district until I was moved to Snowflake. 7 1/2 months I spent with Elder Bickmore in the same district. 3 months without him and now no longer. He has been moved to Heber which means its Elder Caywood and Elder Bickmore in the same district for the 4th time. AWESOME!!!!!

Well that's all I got on that department besides that things are going well. We had a huge change last week. The Payson zone was dissolved into the Snowflake zone and the reservation was made its zone called the painted desert. So we have now inherited Payson which is cool because that's where Elder Edmonds is. Elder Robertson was made the new District Leader on Saturday. That means he'll be busy and I'll get to once again go along for the ride. We are hoping to split our area next transfer but we never know so we'll see what happens. We set another date yesterday and we have our baptism coming up this week. I'm really really excited things are quite amazing here. We had an area record for us with 86 street contacts last week but Taylor wooped all of us with 177 street contacts. Can you believe it? Taylor only has 2000 something people in it. A-mazing.

This transfer is going to be great. I think things will only continue to get better and better. I don't have a terrible amount to say, today I got my teeth cleaned by the only catholic guy in the office. I also bought a dream catcher and some ghetto petrified wood necklace. Oh well I gotta support Navajos some how. I went to get a new driver's license today but I realized that mine doesn't expire until 11 days after my mission ends so all and all I don't need one. Yay!!! Woo. I took some rad videos this week and yes I did say rad. They'll blow your flipping socks to China. Which is far away.

Well I'm going to attempt to start working out again which will be hard because I like to vegetate in the morning. Oh well. Onward to victory!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out!

Love, Elder K-Wood

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