Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy stuff on the horizon?‏

Its been a fairly good week for us thus far. We've set 4 more dates for baptism, and that should happen within the month. We had one on Saturday. There were several non-members there so I took the oppurtnity to do what I call a little "sermon". It seemed to Elder Robertson and I that there were very few dry eyes in the crowd after our remarks. As for the baptism itself it was amazing. The spirit was so flippin' strong there I loved it. There were some amazing music numbers and such. There were some very good talks and I met the parent of someone I was in the MTC with which was admittingly a little trippy. But we were able to pull it together and it turned out to be awesome! We have 2 more baptisms on Saturday one for Brett and one for Lacy. I hope we can keep refilling our teaching pool we're seeing a lot of blessings right now because of it.

We got our key indicators(or what we did for the week for the zone). Out of all the missionaries Elder Robertson and I taught a 3rd of the lessons and we have almost half od the baptism dates. It is truly remarkable in my opinion to see how well our area is doing and how well it continues to do. If we pray hard enough and work hard enough the Lord will continue to bless us and we'll have another companionship up here soon! I sure hope that happens.

Well I think that it is interesting to note that this time last year was a very significant time for me. For starters he 13th of last Febuary I got layed off from my lovely warehouse job. On the 14th I took a vow of a little over two years to dedicate myself to missionary work and staying away from girls(ironically on Valentine's day) and go through the temple for myself with the Van Wagenens(word). Then on the 15th I was able to recieve my patriarchal blessing(if you need this defined ask Adam Muffler he explains better than Wikipedia or the Bible Dictionary). To be honest that was a huge weekend last year and this year it wasn't as big. On Valentine's day I was subbing breifly for a 16-17 year old Sunday School class. I taught them to learn how to have the love of the Savior and serve their fellow man. Not any of this gooey pg-13 Valentine romance GAR-BAAAAGGGGEEE. They didn't listen but that's cool, it'll serve them well in the future if they remember.

I can't believe that the Adam Muffler is home. I have to say that his testimony in his last letter home was simply beautiful. He puts it in such simple words the church of Christ is on the Earth. Love that guy! Yesterday I got to go on an exchange while Elder Robertson evaluated another missionary. I got to be with Elder Weight for the day, he's been out for about 5 months and hales from Ogden Utah. He's got a great heart and is a good missionary. But to my suprise I was able to teach him quite a bit. Maybe somebody can benefit from the use of my brain heh.

Well as for those big changes that email is titled for I'm honestly not sure. One thing I am sure of is that President Bassett is being released in June and the new mission president is being announced fairly soon. The zone leaders also said that there are some changes coming and that we'll find out about them on Monday. Elder Stewart sounded excited about it on the phone but they said that no beans will be spilled until next Monday at zone conference. I have an idea of what will be said but I will hold my peace in the attempt to not start rumors.

Well things here are good, I have to say that I have no idea what's happening in the winter Olympics, nobody in Snowflake cares. Oh well peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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