Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rocky the tortoise‏

I have almost zero percent in the thought category going for me today. I did something really stupid last night. I stayed up telling stories with Elder Hendrickson until 12:30 last night. Then I woke up at 5:30. Argh I’m going to feel like poop later today. Maybe sooner. Drat. Oh well. I think a lot has happened since last week but I’ll try to remember what.

So I guess it all goes back to last P-day which was Monday. We came home and we didn’t do anything really except for BOX. Elder Staton bought some boxing gloves and we began to beat the tar out of each other (figuratively). I was surprisingly good at it because nobody was the same build as me. Therefore I could easily block and hit people with no real challenge. Then right before dinner Elder Staton and I went one more round and we both did a number on each other. We’ll box again next week I think. Elder Miner got hit pretty good and was a little loopy Monday night. I decided who Elder Miner reminds me of, The Penguin from Batman.

Man having 8 days between P-days is hard, I cannot collect my thoughts to save my life. Blech. Let’s see on Tuesday we had Zone Conference. I met an Elder from Oregon who is actually cousins with somebody I’m friends with at college. Kind of a small world. Zone Conference was good we were basically told the mission was on fire right now(except for my area…) We’ve had 68 baptisms in 3 weeks and over 200 scheduled for the next month. That’s an awesome statistic. I was happy about that. What I wasn’t happy about was our area shrunk and about a 1/3 of the people we were teaching have been given to the zone leaders due to the ward realignment. So that has made things a little tough.

I’ve had some weird things happen to me this week I guess. One of them happened on Wednesday. Elder Hendrickson legs were hurting so he said that he couldn’t go running. I stayed behind with him and zoned out for a little while. I went back into my room and I heard Elder Miner and Elder Staton come in. I stayed in a little longer and Elder Miner went into the bathroom. I went out to the kitchen and fixed up some cereal. I was eating for a little while when something caught my eye. There was a tortoise in the middle of the main room. It was sitting in a pan with some carrots. I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before and I asked Elder Hendrickson where it came from. He said Elder Miner and Elder Staton found it on the trail while they were running. Later they decided to let it go and watched it slowly walk into the sunrise. His name was Rocky. :'( We will remember you Rocky. It was a strange morning.

On Friday we planned forever it seemed. I also on Friday I got my ukulele. It has been pretty dang nice to have. I’m going to go buy another hymn book today so I can play hymns on it. I’m excited for that. It’s been a nice release. Especially from listening to Elder Miner attempt to play the guitar. He bought it on the mission and has been trying to teach himself. He somehow got a hold of the chords and words for Oasis’s Wonderwall. What a nightmare, when he sings that song it sounds like someone is gutting a cat. *sigh* Oh well. Also that night we finally killed the rat from under the dish washer. Elder Staton pulled out his machete and hacked it to death. We think there is another one in there or under the stove though.

I really wish Monday was P-day still because church just takes it out of me every week. We are at the church from 7 AM to 5 PM. I’m usually good until the last hour between 4 and 5. I just conk out by then which always make me feel bad because I’m a missionary sleeping in church.

Well today we got up extra early to do something as a district and with a few other missionaries. We drove way easy towards the back of Superstition Mountains. We then jumped over a barbed wire fence towards an abandon mine. The mine is known as the “bat caves” because of how many bats are in it. It was quite a hike to get to it and there was a huge wasp nest that we had to get by to get there but we finally got there. I brought the light off of my bike as a flash light. The Spanish Elders brought masks for us to wear (Because lots of bats means lots of guano (bat poop)). As we got to the middle of the cave I saw a few bats. Not much. Then we got to the main chamber and holy crap. They were everywhere; I was ducking down because being the tallest with bats floating around your head sucked. The entire point of going there is to try and see if you can get the bats to leave. So when you enter this main chamber you have to run out as fast as you can and scream at the top of your lungs so that bats will follow you out. That was something else. Bats everywhere. It was a good time and also it was cool because we had a small MTC reunion with Elder Paiz and Elder Bickmore.

Well I think I’ve run out of things to say. I’m hoping for a good week this week. We worked way hard towards the latter part of last week and I’m hoping to see the fruits of that. Take care of my Honda. Don’t scare me like that I love that thing.

Love, Elder K-Wood/Bonacoy Wrandod, this name is what Elder Yates gave me as a new name, he mixed up the letters of my original name and made this, his was Jess Shotay

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