Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One year‏

Here we go another week another email. But from what I hear is that it’s not an email it’s actually blog. I did go and look at it and it’s pretty neat. Better than I can do because I’m a twit! Awesome. Well things are kind of taking a turn for the opposite direction here. They seemed to get harder and harder each day. But I’m trying to make it better. We’ve doubled the amount of people we have talked to in the past week. But not much has come of that.

Alright let’s get started. Last week seemed really long because P-day was on Monday and this week it’s on Tuesday. That’d be like doing to work on Friday going to bed and its Monday the next day. It’s just not cool. But today it is P-DAY! It’s going to be a busy one in that. Tonight after its over will be busy but today we played soccer as a zone, we’ve emailed, going to go buy groceries, going to OFFICE MAX(OMG), and going to the bike shop hopefully. I’m hoping to get everything done but sometimes that’s just not that case.

As for the area. Well last week was my very super interview with President Bassett. We had a pretty good discussion. He told me the reason why he put me with my companion. We’ll see how that works. He also said that next transfer he could possibly make us a bike area. I said we may not need the car and he said he’d consider it. The area itself is not bad I guess. Not a lot of good potentials and we have count them zero progressing investigators and zero people coming to church. I have to say that’s the first time that has ever happened on my mission. Not cool. We doubled the amount of people we talked to. Elder Miner really loves to knock doors in the really rich area. I don’t know why, we have nobody we’re teaching regularly and we’re not looking in the right spot. I think it’s important to talk to everyone in our area. But first lets find people who will actually listen to us then we can go look in the better part of town. But unfortunately Elder Miner doesn’t really value my opinion very much. *sigh* oh well.

Well yesterday we decided to try out our luck on the bikes but I have to make a note before I go into that. I hate running. I hate it with a passion. My back and shoulders have been out of place since I was younger so when I run my legs don’t get tired my shoulders and chest cramp up. Don’t know why. Anyways every morning Elder Miner and Elder Staton like to run through the trails. Elder Hendrickson and I haven’t been huge fans of that especially since he began to suffer from shin splints. So we decided we would go biking instead. My tires were flat because I haven’t been on my bike in months and when I first got my back I decided to “slime” my tires. So the slime had all caked up in one spot. So we pumped up the tires and there was this huge bubble on my tire. I tried to spin it but it wasn’t having it so I went on Elder Hendrickson’s road bike he got from a homeless Mexican guy. When we came back I was enjoying a nice bowl of Frosted Flakes (as I do every morning). I heard an explosion. I ran out to the back door to the small gated area to find my tire popped and slime everywhere. So here is why that’s important. Yesterday Elder Miner and I decided to try our area on bike and the verdict is that it sucks. We traded off for the car at about 2 and drove around the rest of the day. Later that night we wanted to go run down the road and I said I’d bike it. We went out back to discover two of our 5 bikes missing. The only ones not stolen were the ones that were broken. I guess the Lord blesses us in mysterious ways. Elder Miner’s got stolen but I guess that’s what he gets for what he said to me Saturday. He was doing a crossword and the hint was skin blemish and it 4 letters long. He said “It must be acne but I better confirm that with you since you know about that better than anyone else”. I’ve learned to calm my temper on my mission but it took a lot not to deck him. I just had to stay in our room and ignore him for a good half an hour to feel alright. Haven’t gotten that mad in a while.

I have to say I’m sorry to hear about Aunt Pat and I can understand that Grandpa is quite sad about it. When I think of death I think of a poem that an old English writer wrote in the 1500’s. His name was John Donne I believe and he wrote one of my favorite poems the Holy Sonnet 10. It’s great it personifies death as this person stealing the lives of other s putting people to sleep and striking fear in others. Donne describes when there will be a time when he dies and shall look at death from the other side of heaven. He says that no one will fear death and once we have passed on death will be the one put to sleep. Last summer I had an experience regarding life and death. When we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s we went to see Grams for the last time during our visit. As we left I realized this could be the last time we see her. I didn’t like that. In fact I hated it. It drove me crazy. I talked to Grandma and she said you know its just part of life and helped comforted reminding me of all the good times I had with her. But I still didn’t think it was fair. I went upstairs and stayed up late. I remember texting Jenny on how upset I was and she responded with something that hit me hard. She said something along the lines of I don’t know how to make you feel better about this but just remember God’s plan. It hit me a little but not enough. I pulled out my Book of Mormon but decided I didn’t really want to read it something I did a lot last summer. I tossed it on the bed and it popped open to a chapter called Alma 40. I looked at it and read a couple chapters and it talked about God’s plan for us. How we got here, why were here, what we have to do, and where we’re going. That rocked me hard and I have not doubted in my faith since. Death is sorrowful and inevitable in this life. But I know that we will live on in the next. I probably wouldn’t last out here if I didn’t know that. I can say with confidence right now that Aunt Pat is in much better place than she was. I hope that was appropriate to share.

I really need to write President Bassett an email about the area so I may have to abruptly cut this off. As a side note I may have mentioned this in my letter to Spencer but just case I didn’t I want him to know I met two missionaries from his mission. One is Elder Gurr; he’s been home for like 4 months and is getting married in 2 weeks. The other is Elder Leavitt who comes home like next week. Actually on that note I have to say I accomplished something. I got the wards really excited about missionary work and the 5th Sunday this month will be missionary Sunday. I’m speaking in 2 of our 3 wards and helping do training during the 3rd hour. It’s going to be cool but why I mentioned that with Elder Leavitt is I’m speaking with him at his homecoming.

Well I’m out and I’m tired. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

PS The email is entitled one year because this week is Elder Kalab B. Frizzleby's one year mark!!!!!

PPS Brett Farve is a Viking that slimey no good jerk how dare he come out of retirement again, let alone go to the Vikings, ridiculous.

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