Monday, August 10, 2009

Beer, Teenagers, and the road‏

I'm a little tospy turvey right now and I don't even care if that's spelled right. Yeah its gotten to that point. I'm just a little loopy right now so I'm glad it's P-day because if it wasn't I'm sure some crazy religious nut would be able to stomp all over me. That wasn't the case last night because I was on my game but right now I'm a little off but alas I must write, write my story that the people may know what happened in the story in which I have written.

It's been a slow week. I've been getting sick of the people we've been teaching. Its nobody who is really interested or keeping commitments. Also its a lot of people he won't listen to us but when they're struggling would gladly take us in if we can get them the number to the Bishop. So I decided enough of that junk. So we've dropped quite a few people this week. Unfortunately that hurt our numbers(only 5 investigator lessons this week) which President Bassett may scold me for.

Well the title of this email is actually kind of scary because its what everyone fears when driving between 10 at night and 2 in the morning. But luckily our curfew is 9 so we don't see any of that. Or so I thought. I was so fed up with talking with and teaching trailer trash. I was frustrated so we decided to try to teach the rich part of our area. That didn't go so hot. We were walking down a dirt road which was huge with giant houses on it. All we heard was "no", door slams, and locks turning. Not successful at all. As we walked down this boulevard of broken dreams(yes I did say it) we saw a red pickup with two young men in it speeding towards us. They were going at least 25 over and were driving in the middle of the road. They came closer and closer and when they were near us one of them rolled down the window, leaned out and threw a beer can at us. It was one of the worst shots I'd ever seen. If you're going to throw something at us, at least get close enough to make us have to step out of the way. Hahaha such a bad shot.

The area is hurting right now, as we clear the board of the people we are teaching. For the first time in my mission we had no investigators at church. It made the 7 to 5 day at church just that much sadder. So I decided to eat away my sadness at dinner and I did. I even out ate Elder Miner for the first time which is a task. I had 2 and a half hamburgers, 3 servings of potatoe salad, corn on the cob, potato chips, a plate of fruit, a chocolate muffin, and cake and ice cream. I hadn't eaten all day and decided that if I out ate Elder Miner maybe he wouldn't brag about out eating all of his companions anymore.

The wards are still taking a little while to get back into the flow of things so its made our job a little harder because they don't know what to do with us at times. Today we washed the car for inspection tomorrow and we've done our shopping already. Its kind of funny being here because either people love you or hate you. Elder Staton put it best "what's great about being a missionary in Mesa is that its the closest that I'll ever be to being a celebrity". For example we were driving on the 60 to the temple last week. The motorcycle was following us around and finally pulled up next to us. He had a big grin on his face, waved, and gave us a a thumbs up and drove off.

I think last night because of being sad and over eating I had some weird dreams. I had a dream that the Broncos signed Michael Vick and it ruined everything. But apparently that isn't far from reality I hear. At the car wash today they had movie previews playing so we got freebies. Its official I've been out long enough to not know what's going on. I saw a preview for last Airbender, some weird Robin Williams movie, A Hillary Swank movie, and "New Moon". It was really weird to see. So strange. Its good that I don't know what's going on in the outside world much anymore it makes me feel like a missionary though I saw a poster for the new Madden and it made my stomach churn.

Tomorrow is my interview with President Bassett as I believe I have previously stated. I'm a little nervous but excited to get his input on how to help the area. Now that I think about I'm more excited. On Saturday I caould possibly be going back to Phoenix for a baptism. Someone I taught who we always knew would be baptized after she had her baby is being baptized. Its really cool because its the first person that I ever invited to be baptized. Its the African lady who we snuck into the hospital with Brother Camara to give a blessing to last month. Ironically her name is Bee. I thought that was kind of neat.

Well I'm off I believe. Sounds like the colleges are starting up. I'm still a little shaken by the lack of success I'm having here but the mission is doing great 98 baptisms in 4 weeks. Thats incredible we have 199 scheduled but unfortunately I'm not part of that at the moment. Suck. Alright Peace out!

love, Elder K-Wood

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