Monday, July 27, 2009

Tis the season‏

Well it’s another week. And what’s unique about this week. P-day is on freaking Monday so I have no emails to respond to! Crap. It’s alright this just means that this gets to be extensive, redundant, and most of all, above all… boring. Yeah that’s my motto boring and awkward live by it and possibly die by it. Not so sure on the latter part of that sentence I have yet to be attacked because of being handsomely awkward. Maybe that’s why. Ah, whatever I’m rambling to amuse myself and chuckle while people look at me funny in the library. Bahahaha.

So anyways this week has been pretty good. My companion and I have gotten along a lot better. We were struggling for a lot of the week but then we had our epic planning morning on Friday which ended up taking around 4 and a half hours. We got towards the end of it yet again and I was just disheartened. But then we talked and kind of… worked out our differences so I’m hoping for better times and the past few days I have been a lot better. I’m teaching him how to play the guitar he’s not supposed to have but I’m just going to look the other way for now. I’m not the senior companion so I don’t have any place to be jabbing anyone else’s sides. I’m really glad things are better there though I was beginning to think it was going to be a long transfer.

This weekend was a busy one for us and for the church here as well. For the week, I had several unkind things said to me from the people who just don’t want to talk. There have been a lot of unreceptive people here. The heat makes them grouchy all the time. It just makes me tired and more determined to get into someone’s door. It affects people in different ways I suppose. I just have to say today I truly do feel delightful. I smell nice, I wasn’t rushed this morning, and I look good. So today I just feel good. Which is pretty nice.

I named this email based on the time of year it is here in Arizona. It is what the Arizonians call monsoon season which the people here are incredibly proud of (darn their none humble nature!) Anyways this doesn’t seem to just be the season of monsoons but also the season where the Spanish Elders go completely crazy. Spanish Elders are little crazy to begin with but right now they seem to have had a cog come loose or something. Last Saturday it was pouring rain it knocked out the power for half the town and it was scary because the stop lights were out and people were just going on through narrowly missing each other. I decided to call it a night and began driving home. We came to where we lived in the middle of nowhere. It’s the middle of nowhere because the road ends and we go a mile up of just dirt. It is just pouring rain I just want to get inside. As I’m driving up the hill I see two very white figures running towards the car. It’s the Spanish Elders in nothing but their undies running around in the rain. It was definitely… a sight I guess that’s the best way to put it.

This weekend was busy. I had my second baptism and boy was it fast. We began teaching this 10 year old girl in a part member family the night I got here and two weeks later she was baptized it was a great experience. I’m essentially guaranteed to speak at every baptism I attend because mine was less than 2 years ago. It’s certainly something to be able to say I’m a convert. It’s great when people say “you don’t know, you’ve been a member all your life”. Then I say “Umm, nope I joined a year and a half ago and I can assure you that if you pray about this book you’ll know that we are led by a prophet today and you’ll know that God lives and He loves you because that’s what I did.” It stumps them every single time. Anyways I spoke at the baptism and little Brylee Tucker became the newest member of the church. It’s really cool to experience that from beginning to end you know.

Well Sunday was the day of fun because the wards here got split and 3 new bishops were called. I will mold these bishops into what I want them to be MUHAHAHAHAHA*lightning*. It was a really neat experience actually. It was funny one of the wards was called Usery Park and when they announced the wards Usery Park was not one of them and was dissolved. So the new bishop goes up there and he’s like 20 something and says “Well former members of Usery Park I guess you can say your ward transcended into the heavens because of your righteousness because you no longer exist in this stake”. I got a kick out of it. I’m excited for the change but it shrunk our area and it’s going to take a few weeks for the leaders here to get things in order. So I’m not quite sure what to expect for the rest of the month.

Well I’m going to close this rambling of mine about now. This week is Elder Yates birthday and the start of his last month on the mission. So I’m going to write the Psalm of Elder Yates. Soon. But I don’t know when. This week I hit my 4 month mark. It’s really something, time goes by way fast. Though the members don’t have much respect for me. 1. I haven’t been out long and 2. I look like I’m 15. *sigh* It’ll be nice when I’m like 35 and people start saying “Hey what’s up 20 year old guy” Oh how sweet that will taste. But alas I must endure and end this. Peace out.

Love,Elder Caywood/ B-random

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