Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short on time‏

I have absolutely no time to write this so I'll try to be brief. Today was transfers which also on P-day now. It isn't inconvient unless you get transferred but today that was actually the case. I was moved from Phoenix to Apache Junction just east of Mesa. I was sad to leave our area because we made major leaps and bounds last week and we were going to see really good things next transfer. But unfortunately and not unfortunately I was moved. I've been given a new boost of energy kind of like a vigor. Its kind of nice. Its essentially what I'm running on.

Right now I'll try to fit what I can into the 7 minutes I do have left. I made a mistake this week leaving the Bjarnsons lights on. Sister B told me this story the other night. She said her and brother B came home and all the lights were on. And he said dangit it's Elder Caywood I know it(which is true). Sister B stopped him from doing it because I've been helping her with her math homework for the past week and she didn't want Brother B to make me upset. That was funny story.

Saturday night was one of the craziest nights we've had. We gave a drunk lady a blessing. She didn't like me because I looked at her weird and said I had judgemental eyes. I wasn't aware that was possible. After that we went to the square because we were invited to a baby blessing party for our muslim friend James. We were shocked to see loud african music playing and over 50 people dancing. And at the head of the grill was who else but Brother Camara. It was pretty neat but hard to talk to James. We talked to Brother Camara about one of our investigators who we are good friends with named Bee who just had a baby on Friday. We wanted to give her a blessing. So we went Brother Camara and basically snuck into this hospital(sorry mom) and gave this woman a blessing and saw her baby. It was really neat. On our way out a crazy guy started talking to us and said that one of the members we were with was his cousin. The member was really weirded out but the guy turned out to have dementia so it was all good.

Ah, Apache Junction. A place well known on the mission adorably called AJ. I live with the Spanish elders in a double wide trailer next to the superstition mountains. Our trailer is know for its ants, rats, and squirrels which the pelts of are on the wall. I'm all moved in. Its weird to have so much space and not have a member around all the time. My new comp is Elder Miner who is from Missiouri he's a pretty cool guy and has been out for just over a year. I'm excited for this because AJ is known for its "white trash".

Well like I said I'm short on time because the whole transfer for thing so I got to go. Hope everyone is having a good week.

love, Elder Caywood

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