Tuesday, July 7, 2009

233 years‏

Coming through. This email may be short because I'm RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Dun dun dun...... Seriously though I am what the crap am I doing wasting time like this talking about wasting time. I am a wast of time, thought, and space. I think someone could use this pasty white body better than I can, so I'm selling it. Naw I'm actually doing quite well.

Last week I left you with an uplifting email. I was in a stellar mood. That mood continued. I did a very good presentation that set the tone for zone conference. Sister Bassett heard me singing the tenor part for one of the songs and told me that I'll be in the running to sing tenor in the missionary quartet for the mission. So all was going very well. Then... I threw out my back, muscle spasm. I was in bed for 9 hours. It sucked. The next day I wasn't feeling good and I was sore. By the night time I was running a fever 102(Yet Arizona was running a fever 105). The next day they took me to the doctor and to my shigrin I discovered that I had an upper respiratory infection. So I was on bed rest once again. This is not all. During my time in bed rest a member made me some tuna fish sandwiches. I wasn't sure if I was allergic but I sure didn't care, they tasted great. I should of cared... Friday morning came around. I looked at my hands and they were covered in red spots. I then proceeded to the bathroom ripped off my shirt and startled myself. From my neck down I was red. Like some kind of monster. I showed Elder Yates and he looked at me and said "yeah you're pretty bad looking I think its more effective to hide you than to bring you out tonight". So once again I was dropped off at a member's house. Sad days...

My only real day of work this week was the 4th which is why I titled my email 233. 233 years of pure American fun which if I'm not mistakened pure American fun can shorten your life span. On the 4th I went to the visitor's center twice, that was about it. I also was treated to a tongan barbeque which was sweet and painful.

I have a funny story actually. Friday night I had to be put away because of my skin. I was sent to the Monuakafoa family. They asked me if I was hungry and I said "Well I have to get food with my medicine". So Brother Mo sent his wife out and she got KFC. I looked at it when she brought it in. And I thought man theres quite a bit there but not enough to feed 5 people. Then I saw one large pepsi. My heart skipped a beat. Brother Mo put down a plate and said "Elder eat". I've never felt so fat in my life. I'd finish one helping and before I knew it I had more. The Mos just watched me eat and eat. Finally I run out of space to put it and Brother Mo stopped. I was so full.

The work has definitely slowed down. One of our wards has nothing going on. The other ward has a lot of people not doing anything in it. Its a little bit frustrating and all of our baptisms have been pushed backa month. So were basically not even looking back at last week. I don't have a ton more to say. So I'll end it with a Peace Out

Love, Elder Caywood/ Job as I have been affectionately called this week.

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