Monday, June 29, 2009

The heat of the southwest sun‏

I have quite a bit of time to write this week but I'm not how long this will be because I've been having trouble organizing my thoughts lately. I think I need to meditate because I have a lot of information in there but none of it fluidly is coming out. So I make some time to do that today.

As for events as a missionary its been kind of good and kind of bad. All of our dates have been pushed to next transfer. Theresa who is 8 years old should be next transfer. Aminata doesn't really understand us when we teach so we just pushed her back as well. As for other investigators, we've decided to give Matt to the Assistants who cover the singles ward, we think he'll fit in better there. Jellys is having struggles in the family and asked us not to come by this weekend while his wife was there. Bee is awesome. She is going to have her baby by the 11th of the July and will be baptized as soon as she is feeling well enough to do it. I'm excited for that one. Only a few came to church but one of them was a 19 year old named Yea. He's kind of our miracle story. We were on our way to teach someone when we were stopped by this young man from Sudan. He asked if we did bible studies and we said we can. Then we talked a little bit and he agreed to take the missionary discussions. When we went over we began to teach and to our suprise he knew a lot of it without even reading the bible. He said he thought a lot about it and he thinks it works like this. Elder Yates and I were kind of shocked and we left he said thats never happened to me before.

Not a lot of these people are doing anything though which is making us a little frustrated. We're thinking about just letting a lot of them go and starting from scratch. Its a sad thought but it might be what needs to happen.

We had some weird things happen to us this week. A lot of it was on Friday.We had dinner with a recent convert family. We had enchiladas(which we had 5 nights in a row). We began to talk and remembered that everyone had joined except for the dad. Elder Yates just asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. It was crazy because it was just that simple. Love it when its simple. After dinner we stopped at the church and a homeless guy came up to us. He wanted some money and a ride to WalMart(he had a really long story and Elder Yates and I thought he was full of it but we helped him anyways). We got him a ride and 20 bucks. That kind of shot our evening. Then one of the craziest things I had seen a while happened. We were talking to a lady and her 5 kids. We asked if we could come by and share a message with them. She said we could with the kids and the kids were excited. Elder Yates asked if she would like to listen with the kids. Then she told us a little a bit about her history and everything.It was a pretty nice conversation. Then something just blew. She started screaming at us. We're not even sure what set her off but she just started saying every prejudice thing we've heard about the church. The kids were kind of scared. She was just yelling and the kids were yelling at her "Let them talk". She just kept going, people were beginning to come out of their apartments. Finally Elder Yates got stern with her. He stopped her and said "I don't think you know what you're talking about". He said "Everything we believe is in the bible and if you have one I would love to address all your concerns right now". That set her off again and then her husband came and pulled her inside. It was bizarre.

We got to have a few exchanges this week. Thursday Elder Yates wanted to evaluate Elder Bickmore and Elder Keir. So I went to stay with Elder Forkner and Elder Robertson. Their area is going really slow we ended up knocking a lot of doors and spending some time in my area. It was a lot of fun though, I had a pretty good time. My other exchange was last night. We had an interesting situation. I was asked by someone to speak to the youth that evening. But we were taking an investigator to the visitor center in Mesa. We couldn't be in both places. I told them they'll probably have to find someone else to do it but they said they really wanted me to speak to the youth. So We decided to have Elder Keir go with me to speak and have Elder Bickmore go with Elder Yates to Mesa. Elder Keir wanted to make a lasting impression so we formulated our plan. We were given about 45 minutes to speak. We started off by me just rambling on about faith while I was doing that Elder Keir ate an entire plate of brownies. The kids were all laughing but I pretended like I didn't notice. They were falling for our trap. He finished up licking the plate and I asked him if he was finished. He said it was way awesome. I asked him why he didn't share. He said because I didn't ask. He then taught the true principle we were there to speak on which was inviting people to hear the gospel. He asked people in the crowd if they would eaten a brownie had he asked "will you eat a brownie". We then showed a movie. Then I taught and shared experiences from my own life on how important and easy inviting is. It was a lot of fun.

I'd like to end my email by explaining the topic. It's gotten really hot here lately. A member family told us it 124 degrees at the airport on Thursday. I don't think thats true. It was a funny dinner that night. We were leaving and the dad in the familoy hugged his daughter. And Elder Yates said "Oh a girl hug I haven't had that in a while". Just for the record Elder Yates makes great impressions on people. Anyways the dad's response was "Well when you get released come back over here and we'll fix that". I had trouble not laughing and as we left I gave him a ton of crap about it. Hey is Michael Jackson dead? Someone told me that but I'm not sure.

Alright that was way long but its ok, peace out for now.

Love, Elder Caywood

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