Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dumb diseases‏

Man, I am tired. I am really tired and I'm kind of in the opposite mood that I was in last week. We've worked really hard this week and have had no results from it. Tuesday we rode bikes all day and talked to everyone we saw. Only when said we could come back and he wasn't very promising at all. We sat down Tuesday night befuddled thinking "wow we just worked super hard and nothing happened". Wednesday went a lot better. We taught our most promising investigator Jellys about God's plan for us. He understood and had some great questions about it. It really made us smile and we're going to take him to the visitor's center in Mesa this weekend hopefully. Thursday we had a lot of appointments but most of them fell through.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday had to be some of my most frustrating days on my mission. We didn't have anything positive to take away from those few days. We taught a few appointments but we had a hard time trying to make it reverent where we taught. Saturday night was the peak of our frustration when a meth addict tried to tell us that the King James version of the Bible was written... 28,000 years ago. Elder Yates, Elder Galbraith, and myself we're bewildered by this woman. We gave her perfectly legitimate logic. Such as the printing press wasn't made until the late 1500's. And that Jesus Christ lived 2000 and 9 years ago, thus the bible cannot be 28,000 years old. We then got into a heated discussion on what the year 2009 means because she believes Jesus lived 6000 years ago. ARGH!!!(Pirate voice). A lot of our appointments ditched us this week(even ones with members). Hard week.

Now let me elaborate on the title of the email a little. You may have noticed that earlier in the email I put myself, Elder Yates, and Elder Galbraith. We had been upped to a threesome. That is because Elder Galbraith was suposed to get a new trainee from the MTC on transfer day last week. Unfortunately the swine flu has put the MTC on quarantine, so no one leaves. So our mission is now 9 elders short. President Bassett told Elder Galbraith find people you can stay with when you can. SO he was with for a little bit until a couple teenagers became available. I can't imagine how that is for him. It has to be tough. But Elder Galbraith did get to witness a rather cool event. On Saturday we were having companion(plus Galbraith) study. Elder Yates and I were practicing teaching. We finished with the lesson we were practicing for and then there was an awkward silence. Elder Yates glared at me and then in his pirate voice yelled "YAHARGH!!!!" as he quickly got out of his chair. I knew what he was doing immediately. It was going to be a Caywood Yates grudge match. He barreled into me but I got him on the floor and got my arm around his neck as we fought. Elder Galbraith sat on the couch confused. It was epic but ended in a draw. Elder Galbraith said he wanted to join in but we were so much bigger than him he was afraid he'd get hurt. It was a lot of fun though. Elder Yates has one weakness, when he does his pirate voice I know he's going to do something weird.

Well honestly I feel better venting a little about the lack of success we're having but pray for us because we need to help these people! Sorry about this late email, I played basketball all day and essentially shot all my P-day time down the toilet! What is Sarah going to do all summer now that school is out? How hot is it in Colorado? We hit a low of 85 the other night when we went to bed. I almost went out onto the Bjarnsons hammock because of it. I love the Bjarnsons hammock. I lay in it on P-days when I'm writing. Well I'm running low on things to write about it. PEACE OUT

Love, Elder Caywood/that other guy who's with Elder Yates

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