Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm feeling super good right now. I slept the best I've slept in about a month. I had been having some troubling thoughts that had been keeping me up a lot. Like I'd have dreams about it and it'd wake me up all the time. I'd been trying to figure out what it was for a few weeks now. I had wondered if it was my medication making me drowsy. I wrote that off. I wondered if it was the fact that I haven't been eating breakfast for like a week because we haven't gotten groceries in 2 weeks. Once again I thought that wasn't it. It was the area. Something just wasn't right in our area. And it was driving me crazy which just made it worse. I decided that the reason I felt this way was because we weren't being bold enough. We were teaching too many people who accepted what we taught but didn't do anything about it. Like people wouldn't do anything we asked them to, no life changes. *sigh* It had been going on for a while and the fact that we weren't seeing them progress started to drag on Elder Yates and I. So we talked it out on Wednesday and we've been gradually getting better and better. We set a few baptism dates, we have about 4 on July 11th and we're hoping to add 3 more to that by the end of the week. So 7 baptisms possibly on July 11th, I know crazy! Its a high goal but the thing is... It's possible.

I better talk about the title of this email. Last night we had dinner with this kid from some hick town in Oklahoma. He had an accent but I didn't want to be judgemental. But then he talked about frying up a squirrel and getting his sister a dead possum for her birthday. Elder Yates and I were having a hard time understanding how anything he said added to our conversation. Then he said something I'll never forget. "Don't you guys love sweetarts? I sure love sweetarts, they're mighty fine but I wish that they didn't give you so many blisters in your mouth when you eat too many." It was so redneck and Elder Yates and I couldn't help but laugh, it was the most awkward dinner of the week.

It appears that my driving priviledges may be taken away. Let me run through the scenario. Two weeks ago was transfers. Our district is 6 Elders. Elder Robertson's companion Elder Unversaw went home. Elder Robertson came with Elder Yates and I who were meeting someone in Mesa that evening who we were teaching but were giving to Elder Bickmore and Elder Keir because we were switching wards. So its like 5:30 that day and we have our car Elder Robertson has his. We got permission from the vehicle coordinator to have me drive Elder Robertson's car to Mesa because he was uncomfortable driving. The reason this made sense was I would introduce the investigator in Mesa to his new Elder(Bickmore) while Elder Yates showed Elder Keir around his new area. Well, heres what happened. We were at dinner when I recieved a phone call from the person in Mesa asking where were? He had been there since 5:45. He misunderstood because I said we were meeting at 6:45. So we ran out to the car and drove as fast as we could. Long story short I failed to notice the speed limit change in the rush and got a ticket for going 11 over. Lets just say President Bassett may have my head soon.

Saturday night was fun. Elder Bickmore and Elder Keir were at the church late. Elder Yates said we should mess with them somehow. So we went over there and I got some vaseline and put it on their doorhandles. It was Elder Yates' idea and I was just following orders but it was pretty funny to see them go the car and find out. Bahaha.

I got a letter from the Van Wagenens and in that letter Jenny briefly described her experience at some of the historical church sites in Illinois. I really wanted to go before because I didn't know a lot of that stuff was still there. I get to watch church movies and I see all this stuff happen and I as I read about her experience, I thought "man, I would love to go see all the historical sites". I imagine it being like when I saw the Salt Lake Temple for the first time last fall. I was on cloud nine during that short little visit there.

The work is moving forward. We're entering week 3 of the transfer, we really want to get things moving along here. We're so impatient bahaha. Oh well. Peace Out.

love, Elder Caywood

PS I found this little things of bricks with names on them. One of them said Megan Caywood on it! Apparently the Caywoods aren't alone! Its so awesome I was beginning to wonder.

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