Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best watch yourselfs boys‏

I apologize in advance. This may be short because the sand of time are quickly descending down the hour glass. Yes my hour is almost up. Will that stop me from writing the greatest email ever!!!!!!! Actually it probably will! Nevertheless I must try anyways. Hola world you may have noticed by my eccentric first couple sentences that I am in a chipper mood. Well it's because I'm in a good mood.

The main reason for that is that myself and Elder Yates will be in this area for another week. Transfers are tomorrow but that doesn't really concern us. Tomorrow will just be an all day working day now. The work has been going good but its been a bit of a crazy week. First off the area has been switched(not split) We now cover ShadowMountain(home to the square YES!!!) and Greenway(The snobby rich people booo). Heres the sticky situation we still live in Thunderbird with Bjarnsons and it doesn't look like we're leaving which makes using our time effectively a little harder. But we're still on it.

The work has been awesome. We've essentially just stayed in the square all the time. Elder Frisby has sent me some good spanish phrases to use which have been helpful for me. Bless his heart! He's so good at it now. I should explain the title of the email as always. We were tracting in the square when 3 teenage girls asked why two white boys were walking around the square. They told us to watch out for gang members from MBP. They said we'd get jump. But I don't know. I talk to a lot of them and they like us. Whatevs.

As for the people we're teaching. We stay true to about 3 apartment complexes regualry. Jellys and his family came to church this week. Which was excellent. We spoke on missionary work. I told the congregation that if we expect to bring people into the gospel then we must first be converted ourselves. Because once we are converted the overwhelming joy we'll have sharing the gospel will overpower our fear of talking to people. It's so true though! We inspired the members(we think) and we think they'll help us out more. We have 8 investigators in that area but none are as promising as Jellys.

Tonight it seems like I'll be going to the visitor center in Mesa with an investigator from our old ward. I really love it there. I can't wait to serve in Mesa so I can be there all the time. It'll be so awesome. I'm looking forward to a week of working hard. Suposively the Nuggets lost? That stinks. But I think it should be a really good series. Dwight Howard is a monster on the boards.

So Sarah is going to be a senior now? Exciting! Is she going to take AP Calc? I would if I was her. It will help so much in college. She'll be far ahead of the game. It really helped me. I didn't do particulary well in AP classes but it certainly made college seem more real if that makes sense. I got a letter from Spencer a few days ago, he seems to be doing well and he also appears to be somewhat gangsta. Well as gangsta as Minnesotans can get. Its really hard to imagine that he has one transfer left. Thats just incredible but he's going to come back an awesome person. He served well and I think he now has an awesome work ethic. He'll be going places I know it. Going to have great success. Minnesota is losing one heck of an Elder. I'm glad I got the chance to be a missionary at the same time its kind of cool except for the not seeing each other for 4 years part. Oh well.

This week I've been focusing a lot of my studies on chairty and love for others. It makes it easier when you're talking to people. Instead of "Hey listen to us because we're missionaries" what we really should be doing is listening to the people and helping them out with their problems. Then you come to realize that the answer to their problems is the church; its just so awesome. So much awesomeness, I'm in a great mood.

Well I'm really sorry but I have to go my time is up! PEACE OUT!


Elder Caywood

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