Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Tuesday P-day. Its also almost all the way gone again. That always seems to happen to me. Huh. We decided not to take P-day yesterday because we figured we could catch a lot of people home for P-day. We certainly did and I enjoyed it! The day was in the mid to high 90's which felt so nice. Its amazing how that feels cool now. So weird. Anyways we made our rounds and we were on bikes all day. My bike is still hurting a smidge because of the accident but it's still good to ride. We're teaching a former gang banger right now. He lived in Los Angeles and certainly did some... things. He's built he could kick my butt anytime but he's one of the nicest guys who ever lived. I felt accomplished yesterday being back on a bike. I felt like i was getting lazy in a car. Which is true, it's so true. We met with Jellys and his family and he addressed their concerns and I think we answered them fairly well. He's coming along nicely we just have to stay consistent with him. It may be easier in the next week or two. Here's why we're pretty sure they're going to change the area(not split it). Our areas right now are interesting. Elder Yates and I have a lot of people we're seeing but both of our wards meet at 9 on Sundays in different buildings. Elder Keir and Elder Bickmore don't have very much work and their wards both meet at 1 in different buildings. It was the old stake president's call and its got all of the bishops in a fuss.

So next week its quite possible this area could be shaken up. But here's the other deal with next week. Tuesday is transfer day. We'll know Saturday night whether we're staying or going. I think I'm safe but you never know. I think this is either make or break for Elder Yates. He only has two transfers left after the end of this one. He's been in this area since the end of November. He's been here for a long time. They don't keep us in areas very long in this mission. So I really think that he's going to get transferred but hey once again I don't know its not my call we'll see on Saturday. I really don't think I'm going anywhere though. So I better elaborate on the title of this email. Its a funny story kind of. So we were teaching an investigator in a member's home. The member is native to Africa and has a pretty thick accent. I can't remember how but we got on the topic of rafting. I told them about how I went last summer and such. We kept talking and he asked me "Elder, have you see the rushin' river?". I was kind of confused about what he was saying. I was almost sure he had said "Russian River". So I answered "I can't say I have". He looked really confused. He said "You've never seen a rushin' river!?". I said "I really haven't". He asked where I was from and when I told him Colorado he raised his voice a little and said "Elder I am sure that they have rushin' water in Colorado". Thats when I caught onto what he was saying. It was way confusing and Elder Yates thought the same thing for a while but he figured it out quicker than I did. That was such a funny night. Staying on the topic of water, it poured rain at the end of last week. It was really refreshing! But unfortunately good things sometimes have bad things that go with them. When we got home that evening we were in our room just a little after 10:30 we heard some screeching from outside and then a loud crash. We knew exactly what it was. We both darted outside to find our brand new 2010 Toyota Corrolla smashed into buy some teenager who was texting. He tried to do a hit and run but his car was too damged and Elder Yates chased after him and caught him at the stop sign. He was just confused and scared and we had a nice conversation until the cops came. But our car was not drivable so they gave us an '08 Malibu. So its not the end of the world.

Well this letter is coming to an end. I don't have a terrible amount more to say really. I hear the Nuggets are really putting up a fight! Thats really cool. This week is going to be big. Its transfers, their switching up the area. And last but not least we are talking about missionary work in church. These wards down here don't really know how to do it. They're kind of prideful about it. They don't help us out a ton everyone we're teaching is off of our own efforts. The return missionaries from South America bother me because they don't get it. They just so go find and it'll work out. Its differnt here. So we're going to teach them how to be missionaries this week. We also went to the zoo so there'll be a few pictures from the zoo here. Fare the well!

Love, Elder Caywood

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