Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jumbo Domguiango!‏

Hola! Bonjour! Hello! Jumbo! AIUIASD! Hi this is Elder Caywood using his email time wisely? I don't know. Well anyways hey. So heres the deal I said my P-Day is on Monday. Which is still true. Its just this week we had training blitz which happens once a year. And it just happened to be this week. So I've been a Mesa most of the week and I've been absolutely exhausted. Its so not good. The exhausted part. The week has been way but so goooood! Let me see if I can recall what all has happened.

So last week we had most of our normal teaching appointments. My thighs are beginning to burn. We did the math and we're in the 2nd largest biking area in the mission and we easily bike over a hundred miles a week. My new bike is holding up quite nicely. However my lack of espanol is starting to become a burden. We speak to a ton of people who don't speak a lick of english. No bueno. So I may have to get a spanish to english dictionary or a phrase book of some sort. Here's one I wasn't quite expecting. If I knew a bit of swahili I'd probably be set too. We teach at an apartment complex full of African refugees from the Congo. Thats actually the whole point of the subject! "Jumbo Domguiango(though probably spelled very wrong)" means "Hello Friends" in swahili. Its so cool!!!

So last week I was reminded of what some people think of the missionaries. We were in the southern most tip of our area and we ran into some teenagers. We got to talking and we asked them what they thought the purpose of life is. The girl just smirked and one of the guys said "you don't want to know". Then the last guy said "I'll tell you" then he proceeded to tell us one of the most haynous things I've heard regarding God's purpose for his people. Let's see. Saturday night wasn't very good. We were standing at a street corner and some girls started screaming at us from across the street. We couldn't hear what they were saying but then we figured it out. One of the girls flashed us... Ugh. Elder Yates turned around, sighed, and said "come on Elder Caywood let's go someplace more wholesome". Sunday we got yelled at by some guy but Elder Yates handle it pretty well. He always does so well in all these situations where I would generally get way frustrated or upset. Last week was kind of weird like that we had a really bad day Saturday(as you could probably have figured out).

This week has been much better because of the training blitz. We wake up around 5 and then spend 5 hours in meetings in Mesa. I learned so much it was way good. Elder Yates had toe surgery on his ingrown toenail. That was certainly... interesting? to watch. They took like a third of his nail off he's still in a bit of shock. The doctor said "well when the resurrection happens your toe will be as good as new but in this life you're not winning any beauty contests". Our coach was Elder Young from Montana so him and Yates talked about Montana a lot. It was kind of weird but cool. Elder Young is actually the reason we don't have a car. He got hit by a truck last month on his bike and isn't allowed to ride a bike in his tiny little area because of it. So we got to use his car in our area for two days and got so much accomplished it was refreshing. The car is definitely a plus especially since the members don't give us many rides here.

Actually speaking of cars. We got one this morning. Its a brand new 2010 Corolla newest car in the mission. Its so nice! We have to share it with the other companionship but a car some of the time is better than a car none of the time. As for people we're teaching. Robin is going so good! His baptism is on Saturday! He's so strong I'm not worried about him at all. Sammy on the other hand is struggling and we're probably going to have to push hers back. We're teaching a guy named Victor right now. He's so funny and laid back. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he said he believed it was true just because we told him. Apparently we're convincing. We told him to read it for himself. We comapred it to food. Someone can tell you its good but you don't know until you try it.

I totally forgot to bring my camera here so no pictures this week(Not that I've taken a ton anyways). So Mother's Day is on Sunday so I get to call home. I know I get a hour and it should be towards the later evening but we'll get it figured out I'm sure. The recital is coming up when is it? How soon til Dad is done with classes? I saw a LeBaron Tax place in Mesa I wonder if there is any relation to Steve? Did you ever figure out where the Tollers were at in Mesa that'd be cool to bump into them. Well also wanted to tell you that mission is pretty easy going in terms of emailing so I can respond to any direct email if you want to save some stamps mom. But the letters are still so nice! You can read them anytime you want instead of just a hour a week you know? Well whatevs. Peace out everyone! God be with til we meet or speak again!!!

Love,Elder Caywood/The new tall elder who not a lot of people know all that well but he seems friendly anyways just awkward looking hmmm.

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