Monday, February 14, 2011

A Baptism in Taylor!‏

Well I managed to write such a long email last week and totally spaced one thing, one very very important item. We had a baptism on Saturday, I can't believe I spaced that of all things. I mean its one of the most important things in missionary work and I really can't believe I spaced something like that. Wow I must be loosing my mind or something, I've been so loopy the past few days (someone had a cat and it got all up in my face and I've gotten more and more allergic to those things since my mission). I haven't been able to breathe through my nose. Oh well.

Anyways as for our week, Wednesday if I remember right went really well. I went on exchanges with our zone leader Elder valentine. It's nice because one I've been out on my mission longer than he has by like a month I think and two it's cool having a companion for a day that's been out that long that really knows the ropes. We had a great time and we were able to give each other realistic feedback, the only hard thing was at the end of the day we were trying to give each other feedback and we were both like "well umm I can't think of anything you're a really good missionary", we taught some stellar lessons that night to both Charles and Amanda. Amanda and her fiance are so awesome, they said "we believe everything you guys say, God blesses so much anytime we begin to live one of His commandments", I don't know how or why the Lord is blessing us with so many wonderful people to teach, but He is and I hope we just continue to live worthy of those blessings.

Thursday was a little harder. We had our weekly planning session which went well though it seemed toward the end we were having a hard time focusing. We only had one lesson hold through. The one with Renata, we taught her all the remaining commandments she needs to live before her baptism. When we taught Chastity we asked her if she was willing to live it (because we thought that she wasn't based on her last name being different from the guy that she is living with) she said that she already was and kept her last name because her dad only had daughters and she didn't want the name to die. We taught about observing the Sabbath on Sunday and she said that she already believes in that. We talked about tithing last which I was honestly a little concerned about seeing that was having a hard time financially as it was. It was humbling for me to hear how willing she was to live it, how she knew a Mormon Navajo on the reservation and that he paid his tithing and that it was evident how much the Lord blessed him. I was touched by that experience. She had her interview yesterday for baptism and is going to be baptized this coming Saturday at 7pm. It's so exciting!

Friday we had zone conference, it was rather awesome as we talked about capturing the vision of the mission and then creating our own vision for our areas. We set a goal of 1500 baptisms for the Mesa mission this year. The past two years we have had 1202 and 1083. Both really good in fact we were told they were the two highest baptizing years in Mesa mission history but we have to develop the faith to do even more than that. I'm hoping to contribute my fair share. I know we can. At zone conference they asked the missionaries who are going home to bear their testimonies. I knew it was my last zone conference but I was surprised when I was called on. I shared my testimony and cried all the way through it (I'm a baby but I'm going to miss being a missionary). Later that day we went on to a lesson with the Tippits family. They are trying to get active and doing a very good job. We're teaching their son Ethan whom I've mentioned before. We moved his baptism to the 5th of March. The parents asked for blessings at the end, and we were able to give it to them. It was one of the most memorable experiences I have had being part of a blessing.

Saturday we had our baptism Ethan Johnson, he asked me to baptize him and Elder Hill to confirm. It was cool because it was a pretty well attended baptism and many of Ethan's relatives came out to support him. It was funny because we had been told how cold the water was. So Elder Hill and I came about a hour and a half before the service and filled the font with hot water. We didn't think it'd be all that hot, and just went on conducting our business. When it came time during the service for the actual baptism I stepped in the water first and thought wow this is hot. Ethan came in after and he thought the same. When I baptized him and he came back up his eyes were so wide. It was kind of funny and Ethan and I were joking about it when we were changing.

Well this is the last week of the transfer, I doubt that I'll be moved again. We'll see if I get to stay with Elder Hill or not, I'm really not sure. I can't believe my last transfer is starting, it really doesn't feel real. Oh well I'm going to make it count!

Be good and don't do drugs and all that jazz......
Elder Caywood

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